They say ‘Content is King’.


And they’re right…mostly.


How about this:


“Good Content is King”


The advent of multi-purpose sharing platforms means we can now accurately identify which content works for what type of audience.

  • Instagram: Impactful, quality, purposeful images or short-visuals


  • Facebook: Highly engaging videos and images for a broad, dedicated viewership


  • LinkedIn: Images and short stories for professional and business relationships


  • Leakd: Credible articles to bring awareness to personal and business expertise


To ensure your readership is receiving the best quality content from your Leakd account, it’s imperative you use the channel correctly.


More often than not, to produce high quality, tailored written content, it needs to be long-form.


The stats tend to agree with us.


“Long-form content (3000–10,000 words) gets shared more than short-form content.” OkDork


“The average blog post published in 2019 is 1236 words long. Bloggers who write 2000+ words (55%) report the “strongest results.” Orbit Media


 “Long-form posts generate 9 times more leads than short-form blog posts”. Curata