Our curators have hand-picked a wide selection of media houses acclaimed for their astute reportage.


The New York Times


Having won over 130 Pulitzer prizes since its inception, the New York Times is globally recognised for its investigative, open-minded, fact-based journalism.

The New York Times is owned by the New York Times Company.


The Times of India


India’s oldest and still most widespread English reading paper, the Times is without a doubt India’s most daring, yet trusted news media house.

The Times of India offers riveting media content across a wide spectrum of categories.


The Guardian


Owned by the Guardian Media Group, the Guardian is a purely online newspaper, publishing quality material free of ‘commercial pressure’.

The news house prides itself on delivering fact-based, scrutinised journalism to a broad audience in Australia, the United States and the UK.


The Sydney Morning Herald


The oldest paper in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald is owned by Nine (once Fairfax group).

Having the title of the most widely read mast-head of the nation, the paper is considered the benchmark of reportage in Australia.


Huffington Post


Regarded as a liberal-leaning news house, HuffPo distributes thought-provoking information to its majority American audience.

If you’re looking for an alternative angle to mainstream reportage, HuffPo should be your first choice.


The Conversation


Since 2011, the Conversation has been the cornerstone of fact-biased journalism in Australia, and now, around the world.

A not-for-profit, curated entirely by scholars and academics, The Conversation distributes high-quality, unbiased literature and reportage to a growing international audience.

In a stark testament to the media-houses’ reputation, in 2016 the Conversation became the first fact-checking team in Australia and one of only two worldwide units accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network.