Sources serve two primary purposes.


1. Your Brainstormer


Once you’ve selected the category you want to write about, click on Sources to access a reel of recently trending articles featured by some of the world’s most credible media houses.


Every article may not be exactly what you want to write about, which is great, because we’re sure you want to be as original in your content.


What we’ve found is that to write absorbing, original, informative content, all you need is some relevant support material to get those creative juices flowing.


We’ve made it possible to not only find trending articles around the world but also articles specific to your home country (the country you selected at registration).


2. Source Material

In a time where we’re all questioning the legitimacy of everything we see, read and hear, it’s vitally important to share information that stems from credible sources.


Although we will continue to append and improve our Sources material, we’re confident that you will feel confident in writing, publishing and sharing your work with our existing range of support.


3. Access


Instead of searching aimlessly for reliable information about your topic of choice, Sources delivers credible information at the click of a button, so you can use that time you save on research towards writing!