Intelligent automation is an algorithm we’ve developed to give Leakd users the most smooth, considerate and effective experience when using the platform. 


The automation component delivers user-based data in the form:

 – Images and Videos 

Source articles

SEO tags

– Leakd headlines + third party headlines

– Deep insights into your work  


It is intelligent for the reasons listed below and many more.


Leakd will:


– Establish categories you have the most success publishing with


– Source and list the keywords you’ve used, which generate the most interest


– Provide you with Headlines tailored to only your individual interests, based on your usage 


– Tell you which part of the world you receive the most interest



Having access to this intelligence means you can:


1. Ascertain a clear niche for your blog topics


2. Produce quality content, consistently 


3. Find your own voice 


4. Build a dedicated following to your work


5. Generate real leads for your business 


6. Go from Idea to Publishing in significantly less time than if you were to use any other medium 


7. Grow your business 


Ultimately you want to make well-informed decisions about your blogging and/or business with a platform that understands you.

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