You cannot use the Editor on a mobile device.


Leakd Is fully mobile responsive. However, to benefit most from the platform, as well as your creativity, it is best used on a desktop.


This is no accident. There are several reasons Leakd is built this way, here are some:


Long form content


We want you to write and publish quality blogs and articles using the purpose-built features of the Editor. Creating quality written content requires time. It may require you to change your writing strategy. You may need to adjust your SEO settings to suit a changing audience.

All in all, this is not Twitter, or Facebook for that matter, where you publish short-form content to an immediate audience. 




Tailored tools like Grammarly, Sources and SEO operate optimally on desktop.




Did you know the average blog post takes about 3 hours to publish?

While using Leakd significantly reduces time to publish, writing a credible article will still require you to come up with an original idea, fact-check your information and of course adjust for spelling and grammar.


These essential elements of an article take time and that typically means sitting in one spot, focused on your work.


Remember, you can always hit publish on-the-go. Just not edit.