Once you’ve finished writing your article there are some easy steps you can take to make sure you’ve given yourself and your article the best opportunity for prime exposure.


1. Ensure you’ve included an appropriate number of images in your article

    1. Use the Images section to filter, search and select images relevant to your article category
    2. Feature image
    3. Insert an image every 3 paragraphs to break the writing circuit
    4. Place your images in different designs and sizes to improve reader attention. This indicates purpose, as well as improving general article aesthetics
    5. Include Alt Text for all your images


2. Have you included all your SEO inputs?

    1. Meta Title
    2. Meta Keywords
    3. Slug
    4. Meta Description


3. Check your Google Preview

    1. Are you happy with the way this looks on Google?
    2. If you’re not, make changes to your SLUG


4. Have you used Sources?

    1. Add credibility to your work by using Trending Articles to refer to and cite publications from some of the best media houses on the planet


5. Ready to leak your work?

    1. Choose to simultaneously leak your article across as many social platforms as possible
    2. You can even download to PDF or DOC


6. Publish Preview

    1. Review your tags and ensure they are relevant to your article


7. Take note of the reference points you have used to corroborate your content



8. Ask your connections and network to like, comment and share your article


What’s most important is that you are enjoying sharing your knowledge and expertise through and within the Leakd ecosystem.

Your input is invaluable to the creation of a community built on empowerment and inclusion.