Leakd is a centralised blogging and editing platform providing creatives, entrepreneurs and change-seekers an alternative medium to express themselves.


We know there are other platforms that may do something similar.



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Here’s how we’re different to MEDIUM


1. No charge for reading. Knowledge must always be accessible and free! Read leakd content till your heart is content.


2. Take ownership of how and where you’re found with our very own built-in SEO modulation.


3. Access, understand and use real-time, accurate insights about your work. Make better, more informed decisions about your space. 


4. Free option, forever.


5. No annoying ads.


6. Personalise your own brand, design and profile.


7. Highly customisable editor. That means you can pick more than ONE font. 


8. No commercial affiliation with any major (or minor for that matter) social media or media agency, allowing us to deliver impartial content for your reading pleasure


We here at leakd unequivocally believe that subject matter expertise doesn’t always sit in a corner office, is the Dean of a school or the loudest voice in the room.


Leakd enables individuals who believe they hold expertise, to confidently share their experience, thoughts and work on a community-first platform, with like-minded individuals.


We make this possible by delivering to you an entirely online-based solution, so you can seamlessly think, write, share and publish.