Home Dashboard


Your home dashboard is a snapshot of your stats


 Some questions this dashboard answers include:


Which of your posts are getting the most interest?

When you publish, which tribe earns you the most followers and interest?

How have I performed for views and reads over the last 30 days? 60 days? 90 days? Or even a year?

Ok, now I know how I’ve performed overall over the last 60 days but I want to be more specific. How I have performed over the last 60 days when I write about a specific tribe?

Now I know how well I’ve done, how about how well I’ll do?!


Your analytics not only deliver insightful information about your achievements but also intuitively produce data to predict how well you CAN do!



Category Dashboard


Deep dive into information about what happens when you write about your favourite categories.

Your categories dashboard answers the following questions:

How many views do each of the categories you write about fetch?

What about in the last 14 days?

What are my post Viewed and Read posts for each category?

But I only want to know about the posts I’ve written in the last 30 days?



Views Dashboard


Your articles are your bloodline.


 The Views Dashboard is the ultimate health check of your activity.


Some questions this dashboard answers include:


What are my most popular post by views my Tribes, and in a particular time period?

Ok, so I know how many people have seen my posts but how many are actually reading them?

During what time period are my followers most active and likely to read my content?

For the people who are reading my work, how long are they spending reading it?

Actually, how long do people spending reading my work when I write about a particular category?


Visitors Dashboard


Capture crucial insights about your visitors, not just the ones who already love your work but the ones that have just found out by you and your knowledge.


The Visitors dashboard will answer some of the following questions:


How many of the visitors reading or viewing my content are new and how many are existing?

Which countries am I getting the most visitors from?

What percentage of visitors are converting from views to reads?

In what country is this percentage the highest?

Which Tribes attract the most visitors and in what time period?



Sources Dashboard


Many users leak their work across various sharing channels.

Whether you use Facebook, Tumblr or your very own WordPress site, we want to deliver meaningful information about which platform is fetching you the most interest.


 Here are some questions the Sources dashboard will answer.


How many visitors am I getting from a specific platform, for a select time-period?

Which platform provides delivers the best conversion rate from views to reads?

During what time period?


Keywords Dashboard


Entrepreneurs have access to their very own native SEO tool to help their content being found on various search engines.


 The Keyword Dashboard provides real-time data on just how effective their SEO management has been.


Some questions this dashboard will answer include:


What are the keywords I have used for a specific category?

How successful has a particular keyword been in getting my content found over search engines?

Should I continue using the same keywords for a category?

Which keywords associate with my most successful blogs? What am I doing right with these keywords?

How do the keywords I’ve selected and their relative success compare to generally trending keywords for that category?







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