A cornerstone function of leakd is to provide our Authors and Entrepreneurs broad, unadulterated, exposure to their expertise, experience and knowledge.

While we strive to include everyone on the Headlines page, our algorithm rewards (in no specific order):

Active users


You can become an active user by frequently writing and publishing your first article, or importing any existing publications you have. 


Collaborative users


Collaborative users read, follow, share and engage with content on leakd. 


Engaged readers


Authors and Entrepreneurs spend countless hours creating, publishing and sharing their content. To return the favour, we reward users who actually invest the time to read quality Leakd stories. 


High-quality content


The Editor features a range of tools and resources to help Authors and Entrepreneurs accelerate their careers and passions. 

After years of research, trial and error we handpicked the absolute necessities in publishing your own blog or article.

With that in mind, we prioritise articles that have incorporated Leakd tools in their publications. 


Cited content


Today, information is free and easily accessible, and while that is excellent, it does breed pools of misinformation.

To prevent the sharing of false data and misinformation, we remain bullish about showcasing publications that include citations and references to our selection of trusted media outlets. 


After all, we want to support our readers by providing them with an experience of the highest quality through expert-written content.

Our mission is to ensure our Entrepreneurs and Authors access much needed exposure without having to fight clutter and chaos of establishing a third-party blog.




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