Along with various marketing initiatives, Search Engine Optimisation is a great way of getting your blog to appear in a Google search. 


Here is a quick, step-by-step guide on how to use the SEO tool in the Editor.


Meta Title 


This is the title of your article.

Be original, but make sure it’s something that your readers can easily find and appeals to their specific taste.



Keyword Phrase


What do you expect your readers to type into google to find you?


This one is a little difficult because it’s common to believe that all the high-traffic words and phrases have already been taken.

But if your Title is original, matches your keywords and phrases, you’ll give yourself the best chance to be found.


Don’t overthink it. Google rewards great content and original ideas!


Meta Description


A short description of your article or blog. What is it about? Is it location specific? Is it a list? 


A handy trick is to make sure you’re cross-pollinating your words.

Trying using the same words and phrases across your Title, Phrase and Description.

This way Google knows your content is specific to a particular category, theme or subject.


Alt Text


This is a description of your image as if you were explaining it to someone who is blind.

For example: A black cat asleep on the white sofa.