We get it!


…and we’ve all been there. No lies, putting yourself out into the big bad world is a daunting thought.


The good news is, most of the fears associated with going public with your content come from within, which means they can be managed.


Let’s take a closer look at why many aspiring writers, entrepreneurs and marketers are apprehensive about making their work public:

  1. Not knowing if someone cares about what you have to write
  2. Uncertainty in the credibility of your information
  3. Spelling and Grammatical errors
  4. Facing adverse reception over a unique opinion
  5. Published articles not being read


How does Leakd help 




The Leakd network includes individuals and businesses from all walks of life.

By collaborating with your peers through our Readers and Reading function, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your expertise is heard.

Moreover, make sure you’re periodically reviewing your Insights.

This data details exactly how your work is being perceived by a wider audience; who’s reading it, where are they reading it from, how often they are reading.


The Editor

The intelligent Leakd Editor delivers a range of tools that are precisely designed to help bloggers seamlessly go from idea, to writing, to publishing.

Some of these features include:


Easy to use vanishing toolbar.

The toolbar gives you all the functionality to create a stunning written article. Removing all the arbitrary items with other programs, the toolbar will vanish as you glide up and down your screen, giving you an uninterrupted, filtered blog space


Category selection.

Easily find something to write about by selecting a category that piques your interest. From there, leakd filters Images and Sources to deliver real-time data related to your selected categories