Ok, so you’ve managed break through the barriers of:


Not being able to find a niche, and

Not gaining a following




Your next examination will be how you create content to maintain and grow your audience. We know that tailored and routine content is vital, but if we strip one layer back, you’ll find that asking yourself these three simple questions will help you produce consistent content and drive dedicated readership. 


  1. What is being read?
  2. How often is it being read?
  3. From where is it being read?


What is being Read?


It’s essential you have visibility on which of your published work is fetching the most interest. Without having this understanding, there is no real way of knowing whether you’re catering to your niche.

While you may enjoy a particular style, theme or discourse, it might not be exactly what your audience, for that category, wants to read.

Being mindful of this is an essential step in curating content to grow an audience.


How often is it being read?


Ok so you think you know what content is working, you’ve even gained a few more followers. But how do you know these new followers are actually investing time in reading your work.

Some may have just seen your title and thought “Not interested” or some may have got all the information they need from your title and left.

Separating “Reads” and “Views” is critical when assessing just how often your publication is being consumed.

Typically, time spent on your page is a good indication of whether it was actually read or not.


From where is it being read?


Knowing which part of the planet is a tune with your writing style is great data.

The world is teeming with different cultures, interpretations, faiths and traditions. For example, a particular style of writing for an Australian audience may not fare too kindly in Iran, and vice versa.

Additionally, timing can play a big role in helping you structure content. If your audience is primarily in the US, you’ll want to ensure you publish content that is US time friendly.


Ultimately, feedback through data on your content is everything!

It’s not enough to just write and publish. Understanding how your writing affects your audience is key to maintaining a concrete foundation to routinely share meaningful content. 


How does leakd help?



Structuring meaningful content is all about knowing how your content is perceived by your readers.

That means understanding:

– Which of your articles are being READ and which of your articles are being VIEWED

– What category do your readers like you writing about?

Where in the world are your readers even from?

The answers to these questions and many more will help you make well-informed decisions, so you can continue producing high-quality, relevant and tailored content.

Leakd provides all these insights, and more, to Entrepreneurs.