Leakd is a centralised blogging and editing platform providing creatives, entrepreneurs and change-seekers an alternative medium to express themselves.


We know there a few platforms in the online world that may do something similar.



Click here for a summary of leakd vs Ghost, Medium and WordPress 



This how we’re different to GHOST:


  • Native, easy to use SEO imputation 


  • Friendly analytics to help you make better decisions on your content 


  • Free Grammarly with our Entrepreneur plan 


  • Just ONE centralised platform, where you perform all the key functions


  • Precise tools to get the job done 


  • Free international exposure for your articles 


  • No complex integrations, no coding 


  • Ideal price-point for Entrepreneurs 


While some of you have may want to harness your entrepreneurial spirit and turn your blogging into a full-fledged publication, and in which case we recommend the Entrepreneur benefits, many of you just want a simple, easy to use platform to share your best work.


GHOST is more suited to fulltime, dedicated, writers looking to forfeit their entire livelihood to a publication.


The platform delivers a host of integrations and provides highly customisable tools.


Our research tells us that individuals and new-business owners only have a few barriers to writing expert content.

(More on this here)


Once you know what you want to write about, take advantage of hand-picked tools  to make your writing look stunning.


Use the platform to share your thoughts, gain a following and get found, everywhere around the world.


But simplicity doesn’t only flow through our design and platform, our easy-to-understand pricing system will give you peace of mind knowing you’re not spending a fortune to launch your new business, channel or side-gig!