Let’s take a closer look at your Keywords Dashboard. 

You’ll find the Keywords Dashboard under the Views Dashboard. 


1. My Keywords 


Selecting the best keywords for your article is essential to any ongoing and successful SEO plan

One way to know whether your keywords are working for you is by realising how many views you’re receiving for a specific keyword, within a specific category.

Just select a category you’ve published an article about to see how the keywords you chose for that category are performing. 

If you would like to go deeper, you can even select a specific keyword in that category to gauge how well it performed for you. 


2. Conversion Overview 


The conversion overview graph is a comprehensive tool giving you vital information about which of your keywords are actually converting your views to reads. Remember, ideally, you want individuals to be reading your published work.



Reads = More readers = More exposure


Once you select a specific category, the data set will filter your top 3 keywords for that category. You can hover over a particular set to see what percentage of views are converting to reads for that specific keyword! Review all 3 keywords or just one, it’s all up to you. 


The Articles section on the right will filter to show your top blogs associated with the category you have selected. If you choose ‘All’, it will display your top 3 blogs associated with your best-performing keywords. 







Articles in this section