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Leakd is a paywall-free content discovery, publishing and validation platform for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs 


With 2 clicks you can seamlessly import any existing published work into the Leakd EditorMore here.

Once you’ve imported your work, you will have immediate access to: 

SEO tools

Incredible Insights


Share your content with followers, friends and family!

Feature on Leakd headlines

Absolutely not. 

You just need to be willing to frequently write about it. All that other fancy stuff can come later on. 


Check out this video about the Editor.


Alternatively, here’s a list of things it can do:

  • Automated behaviour intelligence
  • Automated content intelligence
  • Automated user intelligence
  • Automated image redirection
  • Personalised text and background selection
  • Grammarly integration
  • Native SEO tool
  • Smart keyword suggestions
  • Simultaneous sharing
  • Profile management

Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful and essential component of any sales and marketing plan.

Our SEO tool is backed by YOAST recommendations, which is the most trusted plugin for all WordPress websites.

Confidently input:

  • Keywords
  • Meta-Title
  • Meta description and,
  • Live Google Preview of your article

Getting to the front page of Google can be tough, but it’s doable! The key is to be patient and ensure you’re clear on your SEO strategy i.e. the inputs mentioned above

Here is more about how the leakd SEO works

Authored articles are published on the Headlines page, as well as your personal Stories page.

Over and above that, you have the freedom to export and share your blog to the channel of your choice.


The Headlines page is where you access a paywall-free curated selection of news, blogs and opinion pieces by your favourite Leakd writers, as well as some of the most acclaimed journalism houses on the planet.

  • The Conversation
  • The New York Times
  • The Guardian
  • The Huffington Post
  • Times of India

Just to name a few.

As much as you want.


There is no limit to the amount of content you can create, draft, publish and save.

You can upgrade from Author whenever you like.


When you upgrade to Entrepreneur, your billing cycle will begin on the day of your change. You will be charged on that day for the month or year, depending on your payment choice.


Deep dive into successful trends, behaviour and content analysis to truly understand your audience and what they want from you.

Our native analytics tool picks up real-time, useful data about where you’re succeeding, as well as what you can improve on.

Here’s a resource article that provides a unique perspective on the information you’ll receive with Leakd Insights.


Our entire site is SSL certified.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. 

SSL Certificates act as an unbreakable padlock to allow secure connections from webserver to browser. 

This universally recognised safety protocol is used to secure login credentials, data transfers, payment authority and social media browsing. 

Just select the Author subscription and we will convert you to Entrepreneur within 24 hours! You get Entrepreneur free for 1 month during the BETA period. 

Just send us a note at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

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