We know that the more you write and publish, the greater your following will be, and subsequently the better content you will produce.


Alas, we’ve found this so happens to be a chicken and egg situation.


So let’s reverse the process.


With more quality content in your portfolio, your readers begin to increase in numbers. As your following grows, you begin to serve a more dedicated audience, more frequently.


SO how do you publish quality content, consistently?


It’s not easy and you’ll find that it’s the primary cause for many aspiring bloggers to quit early in the journey.


Quality and consistency come from:



Where do you get your information from? How reliable is/are your source/s?


Research takes time and energy but provides a necessary shield of authenticity to your work. 


It’s absolutely critical that you invest time into this phase of your blogging or entrepreneurial journey. 




How easy is it for you to go from writing to publishing?


It’s hard enough to find reliable information, create original content and then have the confidence to share it.


The creative tools on hand must be precise, efficient and effective.


Often working with large content management systems, page-builders and other editing software, there is an overload of tools and features, which (unless you’re a guru in the software) can only lead to confusion and clutter, leading to no where. 



About your Audience


How do you know whether you’re producing content that your audience actually wants to read?

Above all else, insights deliver factual data on not only strengths but also weaknesses.

To produce quality content, it’s essential you know what your readers like to read, how often they read and where in the world they’re reading from.


With these data points, you’re able to construct high-quality, tailored content, more often.


How Leakd helps




Once you’ve selected a category, the editor will calibrate references from around the world in accordance with your selected primary and secondary category.

These articles are available at the click of a button in your Editor panel. You will have access to a vast library of articles from acclaimed media houses around the world; saving you time from searching aimlessly and in the wrong place.



Editor Resources 


The Editor delivers useable resources to create quality content, build an audience and motivate you to continue writing.


– Tool bar

– Grammarly

– Font personality

– Image inclusion





Leakd Insights deliver easy to understand feeds of what IS and what IS NOT working for you.

With this information, you’ll be able to adjust, remove and tailor your content to a specific audience.

Remember, we’re always writing for our readers to read. It’s important that you understand, through their behaviour, what makes your audience actually read your work.