Start small to build big!


As a new entrepreneur you might have that itch to get your idea or website into the market for the world to see, and that’s completely normal.

The thought of building and selling a successful product or service is incredibly exciting.

But before introducing your gadget to the world, how do you know if the world even needs it?

Identifying a product market fit can be a challenging, time consuming and expensive journey.

One way to overcome the hurdle of knowing whether your new idea has a market to sell to, is by sharing some information and expertise about your knowledge of the market, your product and your personal vision of where the industry is heading.

Blogging remains in the top 3 leading content marketing tools and requires a fraction of the cost to implement. 


If you’re at the other end of the spectrum and apprehensive about throwing your idea into the big, bad world, writing about it is a nice stepping stone to gaining confidence and early-stage validation.

Publishing with Leakd shows you have a certain domain authority, gives you access to a powerful-SEO backed Editor and generates valuable insights on your work, so you stayed focused on your target audience.