At first glance, you may believe doing both are genuine options.

Moreover, a very common misconception is that to write a blog or publish an article, you need a website. 


You do not. And they are not the same thing. Here’s why. 


What you need to create a website:

  • A domain 
  • A host 
  • Unless you’re versed in the art of computer programming/science, you will need a page builder to build the contents, links and design of your website
  • An email address to send and receive communication from your visitors 
  • A marketing plan to distribute your content and receive a viewership in return 
  • A tool to capture insights 

…this is just to get started, and it costs money. 




Do you just want to create, write, publish and share your blog? Here’s what you need:

  • A platform to write a blog 
  • The essential editorial tools to ensure your work is aesthetically pleasing 
  • A community to showcase and share your work 


If you just want to write and publish about your expertise, experience and skills, Leakd provides all the necessary tools for you to go from idea to exposure in one easy-to-use central platform. 


So, do you want to publish a blog or create a website?