What’s coming? – A letter from the Founder


10 June 2021


Dear Friends

I would like to first congratulate and thank you for being early adopters of what will no doubt be a revolution to the world of Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Digital Nomads and Intrapreneurs.

Before being a platform to create, publish, monetise and connect long-form content, Leakd is a thriving community; an evolving ecosystem of bold individuals sharing their expertise, experience and vision. With our values firmly rooted in support, we want nothing more to see this growing army of self-employed visionaries succeed at their craft.

I’d like to now share our exciting roadmap with you. Let’s start with all the exciting features available to our users today.

  • Use our incredible Editor tool to create beautiful content. Features include Grammarly, SEO imputation, video embedding and much more
  • The best data Insights – industry-wide – on topic selection, visitors, readership, keywords and sources
  • Import any existing published content with one-click
  • Content discovery with a paywall-free public-facing Headlines page. This is where your work also gets published and found
  • Follow and unfollow fellow writers

As you can see, there’s so much you can do and achieve on Leakd today. But we’re about 10% away from the goal, so I’d like to share with you what the other 10% looks like.

  • Journal feature– create and monetise multi-content email campaigns for your dedicated readership. You choose your subscription price, how often you send and which of your content is public-facing – 6 months
  • Entrepreneur zone – share your wins, gains and challenges with other Entrepreneurs in a special space for like-minded contributors and creators. You can join various tribes by category, campaign and followership – 6 months


While these are our broad development plans, we’re always trialling and testing the platform in order to give our users the optimum Leakd experience. If you have any suggestions for improvement, I urge you to email me directly at

Until next time, stay safe and stay creating.


Warm regards,

Triv Andhare

Founder and CEO, Leakd Pty Ltd







Do you want a blog or a website?

At first glance, you may believe doing both are genuine options.

Moreover, a very common misconception is that to write a blog or publish an article, you need a website. 


You do not. And they are not the same thing. Here’s why. 


What you need to create a website:

  • A domain 
  • A host 
  • Unless you’re versed in the art of computer programming/science, you will need a page builder to build the contents, links and design of your website
  • An email address to send and receive communication from your visitors 
  • A marketing plan to distribute your content and receive a viewership in return 
  • A tool to capture insights 

…this is just to get started, and it costs money. 




Do you just want to create, write, publish and share your blog? Here’s what you need:

  • A platform to write a blog 
  • The essential editorial tools to ensure your work is aesthetically pleasing 
  • A community to showcase and share your work 


If you just want to write and publish about your expertise, experience and skills, Leakd provides all the necessary tools for you to go from idea to exposure in one easy-to-use central platform. 


So, do you want to publish a blog or create a website?



What is included in the Entrepreneur subscription?

…for the visionary 

Say hello to not only your new voice + your new marketing department.

We know, starting can be tough. But if you’ve got vision and determination, we’ve got the tools to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.


Choose from a bespoke set of powerful tools, built precisely for budding entrepreneurs. 

The Entrepreneur membership covers all the Author features, PLUS:

– A powerful native search engine optimisation tool

– Remote, on-the-go publishing 

– Valuable, useable and reliable real-time insights 

– Grammarly 

– Chat support




What’s included in the Author subscription

…for the everyday expert


The Author membership is the perfect way to kick-start something special.

You don’t have to worry about buying a domain, host or website-builder.


Get leaking today! And the best part – it’s free, forever.


Here are some of the features you get with the Author membership.

– No website hosting required

– No domain required

– Export and share to a range of platforms

– 1 million stock images

– Free Headlines exposure 

– Free import of articles into the leakd Editor 

– Dedicated Profile and channel 




Summary of comparisons


WORDPRESS vs leakd

Leakd is a centralised blogging and editing platform providing creatives, entrepreneurs and change-seekers an alternative medium to express themselves.


We know there a few platforms in the online world that may do something similar.


Click here for a summary of leakd vs WordPress, Medium and Ghost 



How is leaked to different to WORDPRESS:


The key questions here are…

How much time do you have? How much money do you have?


If your answer is infinite to both, WordPress may be the right choice for you.


If your answer is not a great deal to both, then you’ve come to the right place.


If your answer is not a great deal to one, then you’ve come to the right place.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’re probably well across WordPress and its use.


Do you have the coding skills to build your website? Do you understand wire-framing and UI? If you do, awesome! Using WordPress might be the best choice.


However, most of us DON’T, so we pay a third-party to provide us an integrated WordPress tool so we can build a website without having to code. Examples of this include; Show It, Weeknight Website, Elementor 

This will take a lot of time. It will also cost you a lot of money. 


Now, if you’re looking to clear the clutter and just get pen to paper (figuratively) and share what you’ve got with the planet, then you’ve come to the right place.


At a fraction of the cost of creating a WordPress site from scratch, and with all the essentials editing tools at your fingertips, leakd is your best choice.




GHOST vs leakd

Leakd is a centralised blogging and editing platform providing creatives, entrepreneurs and change-seekers an alternative medium to express themselves.


We know there a few platforms in the online world that may do something similar.



Click here for a summary of leakd vs Ghost, Medium and WordPress 



This how we’re different to GHOST:


  • Native, easy to use SEO imputation 


  • Friendly analytics to help you make better decisions on your content 


  • Free Grammarly with our Entrepreneur plan 


  • Just ONE centralised platform, where you perform all the key functions


  • Precise tools to get the job done 


  • Free international exposure for your articles 


  • No complex integrations, no coding 


  • Ideal price-point for Entrepreneurs 


While some of you have may want to harness your entrepreneurial spirit and turn your blogging into a full-fledged publication, and in which case we recommend the Entrepreneur benefits, many of you just want a simple, easy to use platform to share your best work.


GHOST is more suited to fulltime, dedicated, writers looking to forfeit their entire livelihood to a publication.


The platform delivers a host of integrations and provides highly customisable tools.


Our research tells us that individuals and new-business owners only have a few barriers to writing expert content.

(More on this here)


Once you know what you want to write about, take advantage of hand-picked tools  to make your writing look stunning.


Use the platform to share your thoughts, gain a following and get found, everywhere around the world.


But simplicity doesn’t only flow through our design and platform, our easy-to-understand pricing system will give you peace of mind knowing you’re not spending a fortune to launch your new business, channel or side-gig!   




MEDIUM vs leakd

Leakd is a centralised blogging and editing platform providing creatives, entrepreneurs and change-seekers an alternative medium to express themselves.


We know there are other platforms that may do something similar.



Click here for a summary of leakd vs Medium, Ghost and WordPress 




Here’s how we’re different to MEDIUM


1. No charge for reading. Knowledge must always be accessible and free! Read leakd content till your heart is content.


2. Take ownership of how and where you’re found with our very own built-in SEO modulation.


3. Access, understand and use real-time, accurate insights about your work. Make better, more informed decisions about your space. 


4. Free option, forever.


5. No annoying ads.


6. Personalise your own brand, design and profile.


7. Highly customisable editor. That means you can pick more than ONE font. 


8. No commercial affiliation with any major (or minor for that matter) social media or media agency, allowing us to deliver impartial content for your reading pleasure


We here at leakd unequivocally believe that subject matter expertise doesn’t always sit in a corner office, is the Dean of a school or the loudest voice in the room.


Leakd enables individuals who believe they hold expertise, to confidently share their experience, thoughts and work on a community-first platform, with like-minded individuals.


We make this possible by delivering to you an entirely online-based solution, so you can seamlessly think, write, share and publish.