Get to Know your Visitors Dashboard

Let’s take a closer look at your Visitors Dashboard. 

You will find this dashboard under your Categories dashboard on the left panel. 



1. Visitor Analysis 

The first data set provides you with valuable information about New and Repeat viewers of your published work. While the default values are set for All Categories, you can toggle between categories to assess the number of Views you received from New, Repeat or All visitors. 


2. Country 


This data set reveals what percentage of your views are coming from which country. In this particular example, this Leaker has 80% of their total views coming from individuals in United States, and just over 20% of their views coming from individuals in India. 


What if you want to know the category preferences specific to a country? Each colour on a country-bar represents a specific category that you have written about. 


Your Visitors insights allows you to find out which country’s people are most interested in a specific category you write about. Sticking to the example above, let’s say you want to know from which part of the world your views for ‘environment’ come from. 


Just click the filter scroll down, make your selection and click show. 



You can choose as many categories as you like.