Get to Know your Sources Dashboard

Let’s take a closer look at your Sources Dashboard 

You’ll find your Sources Dashboard under your Keywords Dashboard.


1. Top Sources 

Want to know which channel generates you the most views?

It’s critical to ascertain exactly through which source your published work is getting the most traction. It might be when you share your article on Facebook, perhaps through a search engine result, or simply through the Headlines page on Leakd.

Once you have this data, you can then make well-informed decisions about how you should share your work in the future and to which audience. 

You can choose a specific category or All. Once you have that selection, you can then filter the data by Organic, Social or Other to realise which medium is the most fruitful for you. 


2. Social Overview 

Social Media is a vital marketing tool. Once you’ve published an article through Leakd, it is highly recommended that you share your work to the appropriate social media channel, whether that’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Tumblr etc. 

This data set will tell you which of your social media channels gives you the best conversion rate from views to reads. Just hover above the selection and see the percentage conversion to reads from views. 



The data above tells me that that of all the Views I am receiving for my published work through Facebook, 22% is converting to a Read. Other platform data is not showing because I am yet to share my published article on that channel. 


You can toggle with the category selection from the first data set – Top Sources.