Get to Know your Category Dashboard

Let’s take a closer look at your Category Dashboard. 


You’ll find your Category Dashboard under your Home Dashboard. 


1. Category Views 



This graph provides an overview how many views you receive for All the categories you have written about in the select time period. Use the menu drop down to filter data for a specific category. 


It’s crucial you know exactly what your readers are interested in reading from you. This way you can begin to focus publishing for a niche, fine-tune a particular style of writing and realise how frequently you need to publish your work. 


2. Views by Category 


The Views of Post graph is an assessment of the number of the articles you write for All or a specific category, and what the corresponding Reads are for that category. 


Remember, a Read is when someone spends over 60 seconds reading your article. 


You can filter by All or a specific category. This information is critical in understanding the relationship between publishing and receiving Reads. It goes without saying, the more often you publish, the more Reads you will receive. Building on that, understanding this insight means you now know which categories you should publish more about!


Keep an eye on the Articles section on the right. It will filter according to your category selection; showcasing your top articles for the chosen category. 



3. My Popular Categories 



What percentage of your Views or Reads are attributed to a particular category? Toggle between Reads or Views to compare what your audience are reading. 


This is great for you to start tailoring your work to a particular category, audience and/or location. Remember, you can change your date-range at the top to assess information for different time periods.