How do I filter to articles only from Authors and Entrepreneurs I am reading?

The Headlines page is where you can find all the latest content from Leakd Authors and Entrepreneurs. 


You can always filter articles from specific people you are interested in. 


1. On the Headlines page, click the filter icon to see your default filters. You can remove the filters by clicking the filter icon once again. 



2. Under Reading will be a list of Authors and Entrepreneurs you are currently Reading (as above). If you see the Author or Entrepreneur you want, just click their name, then click done and the Headlines page will filter to only articles they have published. 



3. If you can’t see the Author or Entrepreneur you’re looking for, just start typing their name in the search bar. 


How do I Follow another Author or Entrepreneur?

It’s easy to follow an Author or Entrepreneur you like. 


Simply click on the ‘follow‘ button when you come across their article on the Headlines page. 


And if you don’t have time to read their entire article at that time, just click the three vertical dots on the article, and proceed to ‘Save for Later’. 


Go to your Stories 



Scroll down to your Saved articles, click on the article of your choice and follow the Author or Entrepreneur from there. 



Why do some articles show the leakd logo as their feature image?

You may find that from time to time some articles are displayed with the Leakd logo.




This could be for the following reasons:



  • You have not included any images in your article



  • The Headlines article we are capturing is not allowing us to capture images




What can you do?



  • Insert an image into your article




  • Unfortunately, we have limited control over third-party data capturing. Therefore, if a particular article is not showing an image, then that is the way we have received it

What is the headlines page?

What is the Headlines page?


Headlines are where we feature original Leakd published articles alongside real-time published articles from some of the most esteemed and recognised media houses on the planet. 

Through the filter content toggle, you’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for by:

– Category

– What’s trending worldwide

– Only by Leakd articles

– Region

Once you’ve selected an article you would like to read, you are able to:

– Save

– Read for later

– Share