What can I do on Desktop that I can’t do on Mobile?

You cannot use the Editor on a mobile device.


Leakd Is fully mobile responsive. However, to benefit most from the platform, as well as your creativity, it is best used on a desktop.


This is no accident. There are several reasons Leakd is built this way, here are some:


Long form content


We want you to write and publish quality blogs and articles using the purpose-built features of the Editor. Creating quality written content requires time. It may require you to change your writing strategy. You may need to adjust your SEO settings to suit a changing audience.

All in all, this is not Twitter, or Facebook for that matter, where you publish short-form content to an immediate audience. 




Tailored tools like Grammarly, Sources and SEO operate optimally on desktop.




Did you know the average blog post takes about 3 hours to publish?

While using Leakd significantly reduces time to publish, writing a credible article will still require you to come up with an original idea, fact-check your information and of course adjust for spelling and grammar.


These essential elements of an article take time and that typically means sitting in one spot, focused on your work.


Remember, you can always hit publish on-the-go. Just not edit.



Is there a Leakd mobile app?

There is no Leakd mobile application…yet.



However, the platform is fully mobile responsive. That means you can be just as a productive on the go, as you are at your desk.


Here is a list of some of the things you can do while logged in on your mobile device.  


– View all your Stories

– Scroll  + Filter Headlines

– Review Drafts

– Publish Drafts (Entrepreneurs only)

– Review, view and navigate through real time Insights

– Start ‘Reading’ colleagues

– Upgrade to Entrepreneur




Quick Editor Guide Video

Check out this quick video on navigating through the Editor 





Alternatively, you can read through our comprehensive Editor Guide. 



My Editor is slow


We store and host an incredible amount of data, so depending on your location in the world you may find from time to time that there is a short delay in conducting some of the following prompts:


– Changing between categories

– Images loading

– Sources appearing

– Sub-categories appearing


Depending on the category you’ve selected, your location and of course the device you are using, calibrating data between primary and sub-categories can take a bit of time.


If, however, you do receive longer than expected delays, Save your article and refresh your page.


We ask for your patience as we continue to optimize our Editor.


If you have any questions shoot us an email at






How do I keep my audience coming back?

Ok, so you’ve managed break through the barriers of:


Not being able to find a niche, and

Not gaining a following




Your next examination will be how you create content to maintain and grow your audience. We know that tailored and routine content is vital, but if we strip one layer back, you’ll find that asking yourself these three simple questions will help you produce consistent content and drive dedicated readership. 


  1. What is being read?
  2. How often is it being read?
  3. From where is it being read?


What is being Read?


It’s essential you have visibility on which of your published work is fetching the most interest. Without having this understanding, there is no real way of knowing whether you’re catering to your niche.

While you may enjoy a particular style, theme or discourse, it might not be exactly what your audience, for that category, wants to read.

Being mindful of this is an essential step in curating content to grow an audience.


How often is it being read?


Ok so you think you know what content is working, you’ve even gained a few more followers. But how do you know these new followers are actually investing time in reading your work.

Some may have just seen your title and thought “Not interested” or some may have got all the information they need from your title and left.

Separating “Reads” and “Views” is critical when assessing just how often your publication is being consumed.

Typically, time spent on your page is a good indication of whether it was actually read or not.


From where is it being read?


Knowing which part of the planet is a tune with your writing style is great data.

The world is teeming with different cultures, interpretations, faiths and traditions. For example, a particular style of writing for an Australian audience may not fare too kindly in Iran, and vice versa.

Additionally, timing can play a big role in helping you structure content. If your audience is primarily in the US, you’ll want to ensure you publish content that is US time friendly.


Ultimately, feedback through data on your content is everything!

It’s not enough to just write and publish. Understanding how your writing affects your audience is key to maintaining a concrete foundation to routinely share meaningful content. 


How does leakd help?



Structuring meaningful content is all about knowing how your content is perceived by your readers.

That means understanding:

– Which of your articles are being READ and which of your articles are being VIEWED

– What category do your readers like you writing about?

Where in the world are your readers even from?

The answers to these questions and many more will help you make well-informed decisions, so you can continue producing high-quality, relevant and tailored content.

Leakd provides all these insights, and more, to Entrepreneurs.







Easy ways to improve lead flow to your page

Amongst the noise of fancy marketing strategies, and deciding whether you want to automate or not, many novice entrepreneurs forget to KISS! – Keep It Simple Silly.



“Social media (95%), blog posts/short articles (89%) and email newsletter (81%) are the top three types of content B2B marketers used in 2018/2019.”

Content Marketing Institute



Content marketing is all about generating interest of your solution by periodically communicating with your audience. 


Communication can come in the form of social media posts, short-form articles, blogs, video content etc.


Gone are the days of simply building it and the masses will come. Today, entrepreneurs, authors and bloggers need to be:


1. Relevant



2. Willing to generate and spread content 



3. Present  





Being relevant is more than just creating content based on topical news. Being relevant is about being yourself and recognising your target market.


In an age where content is shared multiple times, across several platforms, businesses and individuals are craving original ideas.



Offer something


The world is on the internet. That means you’re going to have plenty of people doing and saying something similar to you.


So how do you get someone to stay on your page, and not click through to another tab?


You need to offer something. A glimpse into your solution, your unique way of operating and most importantly, how you solve your audiences’ problem.


The sales process starts with YOU! You need to make the first move.






To be present today, you’ve got to be able to share your work across the proper platforms.


If you’re not on the following platforms, we highly recommend you create an account today.


– Reddit

– Tumblr

– Facebook

– Linkedin


On these platforms, you will typically find medium-to-long form content readers.


If you do not share your work, you are severely limiting yourself exposure and ultimately, any progress.


How does Leakd help?





Once you’ve selected a category, the Editor will calibrate references from around the world in accordance with your selected primary and secondary category.


These articles are available in your Editor panel. With a single click, you will have access to a vast library of articles from a curated selection of global media houses; saving you time from searching aimlessly and in the wrong place.


The sources process ensures you have relevant and reliable information at your fingertips, so you can begin building original ideas for your writing content. 




Your marketing success will only be as effective as the knowledge you have of your audience.


Leakd Insights delivers a real-time analysis about your readers across various parameters, like:








With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make quick and effective changes to your content so you’re attracting the right audience, more often.




Hub is where you live.


You’ll be able to find and edit your information around:


– Credentials

– Interests

– Sharing platforms (External links)

– Region selection


The external links to your other sharing platforms, like Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit and Tumblr are displayed on each of your published blog pages.

Make sure these are up to date in your external links page.




With our very own native SEO tool, you can now input key details about your blog to give yourself the best chance to be found on search engines. These inputs include:


– Title

– Description

– Keyphrase/words


Optimising your blogs search-ability is one key element in improving lead flow. The rewards of this exercise, while do take time, really outweigh the effort required to do it.
















Easy actions to keep blogging with consistency and quality

We know that the more you write and publish, the greater your following will be, and subsequently the better content you will produce.


Alas, we’ve found this so happens to be a chicken and egg situation.


So let’s reverse the process.


With more quality content in your portfolio, your readers begin to increase in numbers. As your following grows, you begin to serve a more dedicated audience, more frequently.


SO how do you publish quality content, consistently?


It’s not easy and you’ll find that it’s the primary cause for many aspiring bloggers to quit early in the journey.


Quality and consistency come from:



Where do you get your information from? How reliable is/are your source/s?


Research takes time and energy but provides a necessary shield of authenticity to your work. 


It’s absolutely critical that you invest time into this phase of your blogging or entrepreneurial journey. 




How easy is it for you to go from writing to publishing?


It’s hard enough to find reliable information, create original content and then have the confidence to share it.


The creative tools on hand must be precise, efficient and effective.


Often working with large content management systems, page-builders and other editing software, there is an overload of tools and features, which (unless you’re a guru in the software) can only lead to confusion and clutter, leading to no where. 



About your Audience


How do you know whether you’re producing content that your audience actually wants to read?

Above all else, insights deliver factual data on not only strengths but also weaknesses.

To produce quality content, it’s essential you know what your readers like to read, how often they read and where in the world they’re reading from.


With these data points, you’re able to construct high-quality, tailored content, more often.


How Leakd helps




Once you’ve selected a category, the editor will calibrate references from around the world in accordance with your selected primary and secondary category.

These articles are available at the click of a button in your Editor panel. You will have access to a vast library of articles from acclaimed media houses around the world; saving you time from searching aimlessly and in the wrong place.



Editor Resources 


The Editor delivers useable resources to create quality content, build an audience and motivate you to continue writing.


– Tool bar

– Grammarly

– Font personality

– Image inclusion





Leakd Insights deliver easy to understand feeds of what IS and what IS NOT working for you.

With this information, you’ll be able to adjust, remove and tailor your content to a specific audience.

Remember, we’re always writing for our readers to read. It’s important that you understand, through their behaviour, what makes your audience actually read your work.












Early Wins

Start small to build big!


As a new entrepreneur you might have that itch to get your idea or website into the market for the world to see, and that’s completely normal.

The thought of building and selling a successful product or service is incredibly exciting.

But before introducing your gadget to the world, how do you know if the world even needs it?

Identifying a product market fit can be a challenging, time consuming and expensive journey.

One way to overcome the hurdle of knowing whether your new idea has a market to sell to, is by sharing some information and expertise about your knowledge of the market, your product and your personal vision of where the industry is heading.

Blogging remains in the top 3 leading content marketing tools and requires a fraction of the cost to implement. 


If you’re at the other end of the spectrum and apprehensive about throwing your idea into the big, bad world, writing about it is a nice stepping stone to gaining confidence and early-stage validation.

Publishing with Leakd shows you have a certain domain authority, gives you access to a powerful-SEO backed Editor and generates valuable insights on your work, so you stayed focused on your target audience.  


Infinite Discovery

Harness your creator spirit by never having to limit your exploration ever again.

Filter, find and engage with like-minded Authors and Entrepreneurs, as you experience infinite scroll on Leakd Headlines


Why is there a minimum word count?


They say ‘Content is King’.


And they’re right…mostly.


How about this:


“Good Content is King”


The advent of multi-purpose sharing platforms means we can now accurately identify which content works for what type of audience.

  • Instagram: Impactful, quality, purposeful images or short-visuals


  • Facebook: Highly engaging videos and images for a broad, dedicated viewership


  • LinkedIn: Images and short stories for professional and business relationships


  • Leakd: Credible articles to bring awareness to personal and business expertise


To ensure your readership is receiving the best quality content from your Leakd account, it’s imperative you use the channel correctly.


More often than not, to produce high quality, tailored written content, it needs to be long-form.


The stats tend to agree with us.


“Long-form content (3000–10,000 words) gets shared more than short-form content.” OkDork


“The average blog post published in 2019 is 1236 words long. Bloggers who write 2000+ words (55%) report the “strongest results.” Orbit Media


 “Long-form posts generate 9 times more leads than short-form blog posts”. Curata