Saving and Publishing

How to confidently publish your work

We get it!


…and we’ve all been there. No lies, putting yourself out into the big bad world is a daunting thought.


The good news is, most of the fears associated with going public with your content come from within, which means they can be managed.


Let’s take a closer look at why many aspiring writers, entrepreneurs and marketers are apprehensive about making their work public:

  1. Not knowing if someone cares about what you have to write
  2. Uncertainty in the credibility of your information
  3. Spelling and Grammatical errors
  4. Facing adverse reception over a unique opinion
  5. Published articles not being read


How does Leakd help 




The Leakd network includes individuals and businesses from all walks of life.

By collaborating with your peers through our Readers and Reading function, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your expertise is heard.

Moreover, make sure you’re periodically reviewing your Insights.

This data details exactly how your work is being perceived by a wider audience; who’s reading it, where are they reading it from, how often they are reading.


The Editor

The intelligent Leakd Editor delivers a range of tools that are precisely designed to help bloggers seamlessly go from idea, to writing, to publishing.

Some of these features include:


Easy to use vanishing toolbar.

The toolbar gives you all the functionality to create a stunning written article. Removing all the arbitrary items with other programs, the toolbar will vanish as you glide up and down your screen, giving you an uninterrupted, filtered blog space


Category selection.

Easily find something to write about by selecting a category that piques your interest. From there, leakd filters Images and Sources to deliver real-time data related to your selected categories


Saving and Publishing

How do I share my Articles?

It’s simple to share your work with Leakd. 


You can do it at Publish Preview or on your article page. 


Publish Preview


1. Click on the ‘Add +’ to view all your sharing options. 





2. Choose which platform you would like to share your article. You can select one social media platform, as well as download it as a document and/or pdf. 



3. Hit ‘publish’.




4. Make changes to your social media post as you see fit. 




Share from your article page 



1. Click on the sharing icon on your published article page 



2. Select the platform you would like to share your work to. 


Saving and Publishing

Can’t proceed to Publish Preview



If you are unable to click on Publish Preview in your Editor, here are some reasons why that might be occurring.



1. Have you selected a category?


To ensure consistency in your published work, as well as better insights, it’s required that all users select a topic for their blog or article. If there’s a category you can’t find, please let us know.



2. Have you written more than 300 words?


Remember, bloggers who write long-form content report the “strongest results”.


3. Does your imported article meet the requirements above?



4. Still not working?


Save your article. Refresh your page. Open drafts in “My Articles”. Click on your article to go to Publish Preview.


5. Still not working?


Contact our team for assistance



Content curation Saving and Publishing

The 8 steps you need to follow to GROW your blog


Once you’ve finished writing your article there are some easy steps you can take to make sure you’ve given yourself and your article the best opportunity for prime exposure.


1. Ensure you’ve included an appropriate number of images in your article

    1. Use the Images section to filter, search and select images relevant to your article category
    2. Feature image
    3. Insert an image every 3 paragraphs to break the writing circuit
    4. Place your images in different designs and sizes to improve reader attention. This indicates purpose, as well as improving general article aesthetics
    5. Include Alt Text for all your images


2. Have you included all your SEO inputs?

    1. Meta Title
    2. Meta Keywords
    3. Slug
    4. Meta Description


3. Check your Google Preview

    1. Are you happy with the way this looks on Google?
    2. If you’re not, make changes to your SLUG


4. Have you used Sources?

    1. Add credibility to your work by using Trending Articles to refer to and cite publications from some of the best media houses on the planet


5. Ready to leak your work?

    1. Choose to simultaneously leak your article across as many social platforms as possible
    2. You can even download to PDF or DOC


6. Publish Preview

    1. Review your tags and ensure they are relevant to your article


7. Take note of the reference points you have used to corroborate your content



8. Ask your connections and network to like, comment and share your article


What’s most important is that you are enjoying sharing your knowledge and expertise through and within the Leakd ecosystem.

Your input is invaluable to the creation of a community built on empowerment and inclusion.



Import Work Saving and Publishing

Everything you need to know about Publish Preview



Just one more step before you go Live!

The Publish Preview page is a summary and preview of your article before it’s published on Headlines and anywhere else you’ve elected to share it.

Let’s start at the top.


1. The first bar shows your selected sharing platforms.




2. Easily remove and add platforms by clicking on the platform to remove OR clicking the ‘Add+’ to add more platforms.



3. Your article:

    1. You can remove, change or adjust your cover image
    2. Review your Title. Remember, Titles are really important to your SEO score. Make sure it’s original, specific and easily understood. 
    3. Last check of your content. You can do one final review of your content, unless you’re happy with it. In the case of the latter, let’s keep going!


4. Tags are crucial.

Relevant tags will give your work the best chance to be found. Irrelevant or no tags won’t do much harm to your content but you might not achieve the level of engagement you’re aiming for. 

Make sure you click on the left side of the bar to add your tags. Once you have written your tag, press enter. 




5. OK! You’re all set to publish. Or not?

If you’re just about to head into a lecture, cook dinner or want one final look later, you can simply save it as a draft and publish it later.