Import Work

Why should I import published work to leakd?


Looking to broaden your exposure?



Wanting to rank higher on Google?



Just need a platform to write, edit and share?



Don’t want to pay for a domain, hosting or a web-builder?



No time to create a blog page? 



Need a better understanding of your reader behaviour?



If you mumbled YES under your breath to any of the above, by importing your published work into the Leakd Editor, you get instant access to:



Valuable and usable insights into your audience behaviour and trends



Free exposure on Headlines



Use of our native search engine optimisation tool



Writing, editing and publishing features without having to create a website




Import Work

How to use the Import function


We know it can be hard creating content from scratch, so here’s a handy tool to help you hit the ground running.



1. Login to your Leakd account



2. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the Editor



3. Click on the Support dropdown



4. Click on Import



5. An Import prompt will appear on the screen. Copy and paste the URL of your existing publication. Click import when you’re done




6. Your article will now appear in the Editor. You can make any formatting changes before heading to Publish Preview





You’ll also have an opportunity to import an article when you register with Leakd for the first time. 

Import Work Saving and Publishing

Everything you need to know about Publish Preview



Just one more step before you go Live!

The Publish Preview page is a summary and preview of your article before it’s published on Headlines and anywhere else you’ve elected to share it.

Let’s start at the top.


1. The first bar shows your selected sharing platforms.




2. Easily remove and add platforms by clicking on the platform to remove OR clicking the ‘Add+’ to add more platforms.



3. Your article:

    1. You can remove, change or adjust your cover image
    2. Review your Title. Remember, Titles are really important to your SEO score. Make sure it’s original, specific and easily understood. 
    3. Last check of your content. You can do one final review of your content, unless you’re happy with it. In the case of the latter, let’s keep going!


4. Tags are crucial.

Relevant tags will give your work the best chance to be found. Irrelevant or no tags won’t do much harm to your content but you might not achieve the level of engagement you’re aiming for. 

Make sure you click on the left side of the bar to add your tags. Once you have written your tag, press enter. 




5. OK! You’re all set to publish. Or not?

If you’re just about to head into a lecture, cook dinner or want one final look later, you can simply save it as a draft and publish it later.