A guide to selecting a category

Having a category or topic in mind to write about is essential to your success as an Author or Entrepreneur

With no clear subject in mind, you run the risk of:

  • not having a focused blog 
  • being too general 
  • missing appeal of your target audience 
  • having no clear insights into your efforts 

For these main reasons and many more, we make it mandatory that every Author or Entrepreneur has a primary category selected before publishing a blog or article. 

1. To select a category, simply click on of your interests in the catalogue of your Editor.



2. If you do not see the category you want to write about, click the number with ‘+” icon to select another primary category. 


3. From the prompt, select the primary category you want to write about. 


4. Once selected, it will appear in your catalogue. 


5. From there, you can select from a number of sub-categories. If selected, your Images and Sources will reshuffle for the new selection. 





Note: If there is no content available for a specific sub-category, the Editor will deliver content for the primary category.