How do I contact Leakd staff?

There are several ways to get in touch with us. 

For all general enquiries:

  • (48 hour turnaround time)
  • Facebook (48hour turnaround time) 
  • Instagram (48hour turnaround time) 
  • Chat support (Entrepreneur subscribers only) 


To report an issue:


How can I change my Interests?



You’ll always be able to see your selected interests/tribes/categories on the Editor page.






You are able to add to your interests from the Editor at any time







If you would like to make permanent changes to your interests, you can always do it from your ‘My Interests’ page in HUB.


1. Select HUB from the initials scroll down




2. Select “My Interests




3. Click the pencil icon in the top right of the box




4. Start typing for other Primary categories of interest




5. Once finished, click ‘Save Changes





6. Return to Editor by clicking “Go to Editor” at the top of the screen





Remember, you are selecting primary categories of interest. You can always refine your search in the editor by selecting a sub-category.


How do I access my Profile?

How do I access my Profile?


When logged in, you can get to your profile page by:


1. In the yellow circle, at the top right of the screen, click the drop-down symbol next to your initials

2. Click HUB





Navigating through your profile


Your profile is your home.


You can be as specific or anonymous as you please.


Your profile is where your followers and readers can find out more about who the author or artist is behind the blog!

For Entrepreneurs who are building a considerable following, this is an excellent place to communicate your goals, interests and future plans with your followers.

Skip to the ‘My Interests’ section to add, change and remove what you see and are suggested to write about in Leakd.


My Interests


The categories you have selected interest will dictate the experience you have on Leakd.


The primary interests you selected at sign up will appear here in your Editor. 




You can add to this list at your convenience in the Interests section.


You will also find your selection of primary categories feature on the Editor page, just above the title of your article.




Chop and change at will.




External Links


Sharing your work is a critical step in the escalation of interest in your articles.


By adding your existing online channels, you can seamlessly share your work at Publish Preview.


And if you’ve forgotten to share your work at Publish Preview, you can always share post publishing at My Stories.


You can also remove external links at your convenience.


Tell us on social which other sharing platforms you would like to share to. 



About Me


Tell your Readers and fans a little about yourself.

Your Readers will want to know:

– About your experience

– Where you’re from

– What you want to write about on leakd

– The type of Readers and fans you want to collaborate with