Saving and Publishing

How to confidently publish your work

We get it!


…and we’ve all been there. No lies, putting yourself out into the big bad world is a daunting thought.


The good news is, most of the fears associated with going public with your content come from within, which means they can be managed.


Let’s take a closer look at why many aspiring writers, entrepreneurs and marketers are apprehensive about making their work public:

  1. Not knowing if someone cares about what you have to write
  2. Uncertainty in the credibility of your information
  3. Spelling and Grammatical errors
  4. Facing adverse reception over a unique opinion
  5. Published articles not being read


How does Leakd help 




The Leakd network includes individuals and businesses from all walks of life.

By collaborating with your peers through our Readers and Reading function, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your expertise is heard.

Moreover, make sure you’re periodically reviewing your Insights.

This data details exactly how your work is being perceived by a wider audience; who’s reading it, where are they reading it from, how often they are reading.


The Editor

The intelligent Leakd Editor delivers a range of tools that are precisely designed to help bloggers seamlessly go from idea, to writing, to publishing.

Some of these features include:


Easy to use vanishing toolbar.

The toolbar gives you all the functionality to create a stunning written article. Removing all the arbitrary items with other programs, the toolbar will vanish as you glide up and down your screen, giving you an uninterrupted, filtered blog space


Category selection.

Easily find something to write about by selecting a category that piques your interest. From there, leakd filters Images and Sources to deliver real-time data related to your selected categories



What’s coming? – A letter from the Founder


10 June 2021


Dear Friends

I would like to first congratulate and thank you for being early adopters of what will no doubt be a revolution to the world of Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Digital Nomads and Intrapreneurs.

Before being a platform to create, publish, monetise and connect long-form content, Leakd is a thriving community; an evolving ecosystem of bold individuals sharing their expertise, experience and vision. With our values firmly rooted in support, we want nothing more to see this growing army of self-employed visionaries succeed at their craft.

I’d like to now share our exciting roadmap with you. Let’s start with all the exciting features available to our users today.

  • Use our incredible Editor tool to create beautiful content. Features include Grammarly, SEO imputation, video embedding and much more
  • The best data Insights – industry-wide – on topic selection, visitors, readership, keywords and sources
  • Import any existing published content with one-click
  • Content discovery with a paywall-free public-facing Headlines page. This is where your work also gets published and found
  • Follow and unfollow fellow writers

As you can see, there’s so much you can do and achieve on Leakd today. But we’re about 10% away from the goal, so I’d like to share with you what the other 10% looks like.

  • Journal feature– create and monetise multi-content email campaigns for your dedicated readership. You choose your subscription price, how often you send and which of your content is public-facing – 6 months
  • Entrepreneur zone – share your wins, gains and challenges with other Entrepreneurs in a special space for like-minded contributors and creators. You can join various tribes by category, campaign and followership – 6 months


While these are our broad development plans, we’re always trialling and testing the platform in order to give our users the optimum Leakd experience. If you have any suggestions for improvement, I urge you to email me directly at

Until next time, stay safe and stay creating.


Warm regards,

Triv Andhare

Founder and CEO, Leakd Pty Ltd







Do you want a blog or a website?

At first glance, you may believe doing both are genuine options.

Moreover, a very common misconception is that to write a blog or publish an article, you need a website. 


You do not. And they are not the same thing. Here’s why. 


What you need to create a website:

  • A domain 
  • A host 
  • Unless you’re versed in the art of computer programming/science, you will need a page builder to build the contents, links and design of your website
  • An email address to send and receive communication from your visitors 
  • A marketing plan to distribute your content and receive a viewership in return 
  • A tool to capture insights 

…this is just to get started, and it costs money. 




Do you just want to create, write, publish and share your blog? Here’s what you need:

  • A platform to write a blog 
  • The essential editorial tools to ensure your work is aesthetically pleasing 
  • A community to showcase and share your work 


If you just want to write and publish about your expertise, experience and skills, Leakd provides all the necessary tools for you to go from idea to exposure in one easy-to-use central platform. 


So, do you want to publish a blog or create a website?



How do I contact Leakd staff?

There are several ways to get in touch with us. 

For all general enquiries:

  • (48 hour turnaround time)
  • Facebook (48hour turnaround time) 
  • Instagram (48hour turnaround time) 
  • Chat support (Entrepreneur subscribers only) 


To report an issue:


How do I report an issue?

If you’ve come across a published work that contravenes our content guidelines, please send an email to:

In the email, please include the following:

  • Your full name 
  • A link to the blog in question 
  • Any other information you believe is relevant 

If we do find that the published blog contravenes our terms of use policy, we will be steadfast in applying necessary sanctions. 


A guide to selecting a category

Having a category or topic in mind to write about is essential to your success as an Author or Entrepreneur

With no clear subject in mind, you run the risk of:

  • not having a focused blog 
  • being too general 
  • missing appeal of your target audience 
  • having no clear insights into your efforts 

For these main reasons and many more, we make it mandatory that every Author or Entrepreneur has a primary category selected before publishing a blog or article. 

1. To select a category, simply click on of your interests in the catalogue of your Editor.



2. If you do not see the category you want to write about, click the number with ‘+” icon to select another primary category. 


3. From the prompt, select the primary category you want to write about. 


4. Once selected, it will appear in your catalogue. 


5. From there, you can select from a number of sub-categories. If selected, your Images and Sources will reshuffle for the new selection. 





Note: If there is no content available for a specific sub-category, the Editor will deliver content for the primary category. 




Saving and Publishing

How do I share my Articles?

It’s simple to share your work with Leakd. 


You can do it at Publish Preview or on your article page. 


Publish Preview


1. Click on the ‘Add +’ to view all your sharing options. 





2. Choose which platform you would like to share your article. You can select one social media platform, as well as download it as a document and/or pdf. 



3. Hit ‘publish’.




4. Make changes to your social media post as you see fit. 




Share from your article page 



1. Click on the sharing icon on your published article page 



2. Select the platform you would like to share your work to. 



Get to Know your Category Dashboard

Let’s take a closer look at your Category Dashboard. 


You’ll find your Category Dashboard under your Home Dashboard. 


1. Category Views 



This graph provides an overview how many views you receive for All the categories you have written about in the select time period. Use the menu drop down to filter data for a specific category. 


It’s crucial you know exactly what your readers are interested in reading from you. This way you can begin to focus publishing for a niche, fine-tune a particular style of writing and realise how frequently you need to publish your work. 


2. Views by Category 


The Views of Post graph is an assessment of the number of the articles you write for All or a specific category, and what the corresponding Reads are for that category. 


Remember, a Read is when someone spends over 60 seconds reading your article. 


You can filter by All or a specific category. This information is critical in understanding the relationship between publishing and receiving Reads. It goes without saying, the more often you publish, the more Reads you will receive. Building on that, understanding this insight means you now know which categories you should publish more about!


Keep an eye on the Articles section on the right. It will filter according to your category selection; showcasing your top articles for the chosen category. 



3. My Popular Categories 



What percentage of your Views or Reads are attributed to a particular category? Toggle between Reads or Views to compare what your audience are reading. 


This is great for you to start tailoring your work to a particular category, audience and/or location. Remember, you can change your date-range at the top to assess information for different time periods. 





How do I filter to articles only from Authors and Entrepreneurs I am reading?

The Headlines page is where you can find all the latest content from Leakd Authors and Entrepreneurs. 


You can always filter articles from specific people you are interested in. 


1. On the Headlines page, click the filter icon to see your default filters. You can remove the filters by clicking the filter icon once again. 



2. Under Reading will be a list of Authors and Entrepreneurs you are currently Reading (as above). If you see the Author or Entrepreneur you want, just click their name, then click done and the Headlines page will filter to only articles they have published. 



3. If you can’t see the Author or Entrepreneur you’re looking for, just start typing their name in the search bar. 


How do I Follow another Author or Entrepreneur?

It’s easy to follow an Author or Entrepreneur you like. 


Simply click on the ‘follow‘ button when you come across their article on the Headlines page. 


And if you don’t have time to read their entire article at that time, just click the three vertical dots on the article, and proceed to ‘Save for Later’. 


Go to your Stories 



Scroll down to your Saved articles, click on the article of your choice and follow the Author or Entrepreneur from there.