Official iCloud Unlock Online ApplicationWhat’s your title?


Unlocking an iCloud-locked device can be a daunting
task for many, but with the advent of official iCloud unlock online
applications, the process has become more accessible than ever before. In this
comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of official iCloud unlock online
applications, how they work, their benefits, and how to use them. Whether
you’ve forgotten your Apple ID and password or have acquired a second-hand
device with an iCloud activation lock, this article will provide you with the
knowledge you need to regain access to your iOS device.


What is iCloud Activation Lock?


iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature
introduced by Apple to deter unauthorized access to iOS devices. When enabled,
it requires the user’s Apple ID and password to set up or erase the device.
While this feature is essential for safeguarding your data in case of theft or
loss, it can be problematic if you forget your login credentials or purchase a
second-hand device with an active iCloud lock.


The Need for iCloud Unlock


The need for iCloud unlock solutions arises in
situations where users find themselves locked out of their own devices. This
can happen for various reasons, such as forgetting login details, purchasing a
pre-owned iPhone with an active iCloud lock, or inheriting a locked device. In
such cases, official iCloud unlock online applications become invaluable tools
for regaining access to your iOS device.


Understanding Official iCloud
Unlock Online Applications


Official iCloud unlock online applications are
specialized services that assist users in bypassing iCloud Activation Lock.
These services work by removing the associated Apple ID and password from the
device, allowing it to be set up and used without restrictions. It’s important
to note that these services are legitimate and operate within the bounds of the


Benefits of Using Official iCloud
Unlock Service


Using official iCloud unlock services offers several


  • Ease of
     The process is user-friendly and
    typically involves just a few simple steps.
  • Device
     Once unlocked, you can use your device
    as if it were brand new.
  • No
    Hardware Changes:
    unlock services do not require any physical modifications to your device.
  • Legal and
     Official iCloud unlock services are
    legal and safe to use.


How to Choose a Reliable Official
iCloud Unlock Service


Selecting the right official iCloud unlock service is
crucial to ensure a smooth and secure unlocking process. Consider the following
factors when making your choice:


  • Reputation: Look for services with a strong track record of successful
  • Customer
     Read reviews and testimonials from
    previous users.
  • Customer
     Ensure the service offers responsive
    customer support.
  • Pricing: Compare prices and choose a service that fits your budget.


Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking
iCloud with an Online Application


Step 1: Research and Choose a
Trusted Service


Begin by researching and selecting a reputable
official iCloud unlock service. Check for reviews and user feedback to gauge
their reliability.


Step 2: Gather Device Information


You will need to provide specific device information,
including the IMEI or serial number, to initiate the unlocking process. This
information can usually be found in the device settings or on the device


Step 3: Place Your Unlock Request


Submit your device information to the chosen service
and follow their instructions to place your unlock request.


Step 4: Verify Your Request


The service will verify your request and, if
successful, provide you with the necessary instructions and payment details.


Step 5: Wait for the Unlock Process


The unlocking process may take some time, so be
patient. You will receive updates on the progress of your request.


Step 6: Complete the Unlock Process

Follow the provided instructions to complete the
unlock process. Once done, your device will be free from the iCloud Activation


Is Official iCloud Unlock Legal?


Yes, official iCloud unlock services are legal. They
operate within the framework of the law by assisting users in regaining access
to their own devices.


Risks and Precautions


While official iCloud unlock services are legal and
safe, there are risks involved. Ensure you choose a reputable service to
minimize these risks and be cautious of scams.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


FAQ 1: What is iCloud Activation Lock?

iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that
prevents unauthorized access to iOS devices. It requires the user’s Apple ID
and password for device setup or erasure.

FAQ 2: Can I Trust Official iCloud
Unlock Services?

Yes, reputable official iCloud unlock services can be
trusted to unlock your device securely.

FAQ 3: How Long Does the Unlocking
Process Take?

The duration varies depending on the service and the
complexity of your request, but it typically takes a few days.

FAQ 4: Will My Warranty be Affected
by iCloud Unlock?

Unlocking your device with official iCloud unlock
services should not affect your warranty, but it’s essential to research and
confirm with your service provider.

FAQ 5: Can I Use Any Official
iCloud Unlock Service?

It’s recommended to choose a well-established and
trusted service to ensure a successful and secure unlock process.




Official iCloud unlock online applications provide a
legitimate and convenient solution for users facing iCloud Activation Lock
issues. By choosing a reputable service and following the provided steps, you
can regain access to your iOS device hassle-free.



Normality COVID Update – Jan 2023

Back when this blog was started in September 2021, our normality was under intense attack from the anti-normality wowsers.

The science was clear from late 2020 that COVID would be around forever. Anyone who actually read the scientific literature, could see this. 
Simultaneously, scientists were also saying that as long as COVID was around, society would have to practise a bullshit version of a “new normal.”
Therefore, in effect, science was basically proposing the permanent cancellation of pre-COVID normality for all citizens.
Back in 2020/2021, a majority of society were willing to go along with this bullshit, for two reasons:
Firstly, a majority of citizens were actually scared of catching COVID.
Secondly, a majority of citizens were unaware that the scientific evidence clearly indicated the permanent existence of COVID. They had an erroneous belief that all the “new normal” BS would only be temporary, coz COVID would be temporary. 
The reason why people had this erroneous belief, is because they were blindly following whatever scientists told them, rather than actually reading the actual fucking science for themselves.
There is a difference between “scientific authority” and “moral authority.” Scientists are entitled to their “scientific authority,” but they have zero rights to claim “moral authority.”
During the pandemic, people fell into the trap of giving scientists “moral authority” over our lives. Scientists are not supposed to be the unelected moral arbiters of society. Instead, they are simply supposed to give us scientific information, which we then may factor into our own moral decisions.
Luckily, in 2022, Omicron came along. Everyone caught it, and then lost their fear of the virus. It also finally became apparent to society that COVID will be around forever. These two factors combined, explains why a MAJORITY of society in 2022 underwent a monumental shift back to 2019 normality.
Thank fuck for Omicron. If it weren’t for Omicron, we would probably still be caught in the trap of thinking that preventing COVID deaths was a moral responsibility that falls under the domain of “reasonable control.”
Hear me now, loud and clear: There was never any moral responsibility on mainstream society to prevent COVID deaths. COVID should have never fallen into the domain of “reasonable control.” It was always well and truly in the domain of “Unreasonable control.” I will explain further:
There are a long list of other phenomena that cause preventable deaths, that we have the power to prevent, but we choose not to, because the prevention control measures are deemed “unreasonable.”
We could save lives and lower the burden on hospitals if we lower all speed limits to 10km an hour. The science is clear that such a measure would prevent all speeding accidents. So why don’t we do it? Why don’t we listen to the science?! You’re unscientific! You’re anti-science! It’s absolutely within our control! But it’s UNREASONABLE control. So we let it be. Yes, people will die because of our indifference. Fuck it. Am I right? You agree with me, just fucking admit it.
Furthermore, we could save lives and lower the burden on hospitals if we prevent all people from getting sun exposure and the inevitable skin cancer it causes. Simply make it illegal to expose skin to the sun! Women have been doing it in Arabia for thousands of years! Of course its possible! That would definitely stop skin cancer, the science on sun exposure and cancer is clear! So why not do it? Unreasonable control. Let it be.
Furthermore, every year in Australia there are 5000 alcohol related deaths! The science is clear on alcohol and health, and the social-science is clear on it’s negative social effects! If there was no alcohol, these 5000 deaths wouldn’t occur! That helpless 5 year old girl with an alcoholic uncle wouldn’t be the victim of alcoholic violence! Why does your right to sip on a wine, trump her right to not be beaten up and raped by her alcoholic uncle! Why don’t we ban alcohol?! Unreasonable control. Let it be. Am i right? Of course I’m fucking right. Next time you’re sipping on a wine or a beer, think about that girl, and admit to yourself that deep down, you are perfectly capable of being a cold, indifferent piece of shit when it suits you. You’re no different to me motherfucker, I’m just more honest about it.
So now we understand the concept of problems being within our “reasonable control” or being in the domain of “unreasonable control.”
Now, let me give you all some more examples of ridiculous bullshit that falls under the category of UNREASONABLE control:
-Shutting down our entire society for 3 months at a time. 
-Banning all foreigners from entering your country.
-Banning your own fucking citizens from entering your country.
-Banning your own citizens from moving between states in your country.
-Banning people from even leaving their suburb.
-Attacking human warmth and “Social Togetherness” by imposing “Social Distancing.” (Being together with other people, is the fucking cornerstone of human well-being but oh well, let’s cancel that shit. “Social distancing” is a direct assault on all that it means to be human FFS.)
-Banning children from going to school for 3 months (WTF? Why did we do that? So we could save your geriatric grandfather from COVID thus gifting him an extra 3 years in a nursing home?)
-Venue capacity restrictions that make profitability impossible, thus cancelling all the fun and leisure industries that we depend on for happiness.
-Vaccine passport system that unfairly punishes people who are untrusting of government (Remote Indigenous communities had the highest anti-vax rates in Australia, vaccine passports made them second class citizens and you supported it, you racist piece of shit.)
Blah blah blah
Etc etc etc
You get the point, but here is my personal favourite, of all the fucking ridiculous examples of unreasonable control. It’s actually the one thing you probably thought I wasn’t gonna say, the one thing that you probably thought maybe was reasonable. Nope. Guess again motherfuckers. 
The award for most unreasonable shit we did in the pandemic goes to:
– Criminalisation of breathing air, the traditional way, that humans have breathed air for the past 100,000 years: AKA: Mask-free breathing.
Now, I don’t care if we are under attack from bubonic plague. I don’t care if the scientific evidence clearly shows the correlation between the traditional un-masked  breathing of air and the spread of illness. I dont care if there is a proveable, falsifiable, quantifiable correlation between the traditional breathing of air and the spread of any pathogen. It doesn’t fucking matter. I am here to unequivocally tell you, that the scientific correlation, in no way shape or form, implies a moral correlation. Yep.
Science and morality are two different things, don’t get them confused. You could very well prove scientifically that when I walked down the street, breathing air, I breathed in the virus, then breathed it out to someone else who breathed it in, who got on a plane for America, who breathed it out to someone else, etc etc etc until 6 degrees of separation later, Kevin Bacon breathed it in and fucking died of COVID.
You can prove that scientific cause and effect between me and Kevin Bacon, until the fucking cows come home, I don’t give a shit. I am not going to be held responsible for the death of Kevin fucking Bacon on the other side of the world. Fuck off. Every time a mask-nazi complains to an “anti-masker” that their relative died of COVID, and that somehow incriminates the anti-masker, they are being a dumb cunt, no matter how much scientific evidence they throw at you. They are making the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation moral argument, which has a solid foundation in science, but zero foundation in rational morality. Scientific causality does not automatically imply moral causality. Fuck Kevin Bacon. 
Nobody has the right to make traditional breathing illegal.
Yes, mask-enhanced breathing is safer, which is why I fully encourage those who are scared of breathing the air, to wear a mask. There are all kinds of pathogens that are in the air. Protect yourself from those pathogens with a mask & a face shield if you so wish, I am not anti-mask. 
In fact, if you are in a hospital, or a nursing-home, or a retirement village, or a future immuno-compromised space colony, or a business that caters to at-risk people, I will consider wearing a mask in those spaces.
But not in “mainstream” spaces. Mainstream society is immuno-healthy. Forcing us to play the game of life by immuno-compromised rules, would be like wheelchair basketballers banning able-bodied basketball. Just imagine that:
“If we have to play basketball in a wheelchair, everyone else should! Why segregate us to a different court! The Paralympics is actually segregation! We should all play on the same court! And if you run on that court, that’s not fair! Get in your wheelchair! Put a fucking mask on!”
No cunt, I’m not getting in a wheelchair, and I’m not putting on a mask. You are not proposing an inclusion policy there. You are proposing a “Misery Loves Company policy.” 
Immuno-compromised people do not have the right to force everyone to play the game of life by their immuno-compromised rules. If healthy people are lucky enough to be able to breathe air the traditional way, without fear of the air, then YAY FOR THEM. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Most importantly: HANDS OFF OF THEIR KIDS. 
Forcing kids to wear masks is an attempt at health-redistribution. Straight-up. “These immuno-healthy kids are enjoying benefits of being healthy, while I’m stuck in this nursing home. That’s not fair! These kids get to run around mask free while I’m stuck inside, scared of breathing! That’s not fair! Let’s find ways to take some of the health benefits off those healthy kids, and share that shit around more evenly! Masks will help us do that! That’s much more inclusive! Yay for inclusion!”
This way of thinking is not “inclusion,” it’s “Misery Loves Company” at it’s absolute worst. There is nothing progressive about it. It stinks. I fully understand that it’s not just old people who are immuno-compromised, but the vast majority of COVID victims have always been old cunts, the numbers don’t lie.
For younger people who fall in the immuno-compromised camp, I’m truly sorry that nature has dealt you a shitty hand. But you need to stop holding society accountable for the transgressions of mother nature, you need to stop punishing perfectly healthy children for the actions of a microbial organism. The virus is the problem here, not the children trying to enjoy themselves in a fucking playground. Stop trying to make this their problem.
Everyone has a right to enjoy the health-potential nature endowed them with, as long as they don’t encroach upon the health-potential of others. 
Mask-free kids in a playground are not encroaching upon the health-potential of the grandma watching them playing. Those mask-free kids are simply engaging in normal human behaviour involving the traditional act of normal mask-free breathing. 
If the grandma has a problem with it, she should leave. If the mum with the immuno-compromised child has a problem with it, she should take her child and leave. If nature has excluded your child from enjoying that playground, then that is a matter between you and mother-nature. Go and find a safe space for your child. Leave the other kids alone.
Anyways….. It’s January 2023, and for most of us, normality has returned. In future, the Normality Martian will be ready to defend the principles of health-related normality, should it come under attack ever again. Let us be ever-vigilant.
Good luck, and Godspeed.



Blackcaps Undisputed Recipients 2022 ICC Fair Play Award 

“It’s a 20-hour flight, mate. Cut’em a wee bita slack”, scolded Blackcaps captain, Tom Latham, at the post-match press conference. 

Emphatically winning the first of two Test matches by 8 wickets, the Tigers manufactured a piece of history by being the first-ever Bangladesh side to beat New Zealand at home in any format of the game. 
New Zealand team officials released a statement shortly after their loss congratulating the South Asian team on their victory, but also took the opportunity to inform the global cricket community of being the inaugural recipients of the ICC’s newly created, Fair Play Award. 
Kia Ora Bangladesh. 
We are not worthy of your arrival on our shores. For this gracious act, we hope you have sincerely enjoyed our welcome gift of your nations first victory on our Pacific shores. 

While you may have won this Test and in the process beaten the incumbent World Test Champions in their home, you have merely won the battle. 

We have won the war. 

To the global cricket community. 

Today, we’re overwhelmingly pleased to announce that New Zealand is officially the fairest team in the world. Being the first recipient of the ICC Fair Play award is, without a doubt, the pinnacle achievement across the history of New Zealand cricket. 

We value the notion of giving everyone a go, even if it means we lose a home Test to a team that hasn’t won anything across all formats of the game for the last 12 months.  
The Blackcaps certainly went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the Bangladeshi players had a memorable first game at Mount Maunganui. 
Some sources even reporting that one visiting player was offered Kiwi citizenship after reviewing an LBW call that had hit the middle of the bat. 
“eye for an eye, right? Ross should’ve told him it missed the pad to be fair. We’ll probably have to review Ross’s contract for that.” claimed one Blackcap. 
“But that’s our problem. They were nice enough to lose a review. The least we could do is offer him, his family and two close mates, New Zealand citizenship. The least.”


The Longing For 2019 Normality

G’day Team.

Welcome to my first ever blog entry.
By the end of this short blog entry, you will understand what the Normality Martian is all about.
I’m not here to f##k spiders, so let’s jump straight into it:

What is “Normality?”
The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines it as:







(also normalcy 






 especially in North American English)


  1. a situation where everything is normal or as you would expect it to be
    • They are hoping for a return to normality now that the war is over.
    • By now any semblance of normality had disappeared.

— —

So according to them it’s “a situation where everything is normal or as YOU would expect it to be” 
Interesting… so who is “you” in this Oxford Learner’s definition? 
Well, “you” is clearly anybody and everybody who reads this definition, thus, normality is implied to be entirely subjective here.
The Cambridge Dictionary defines normality as: 
noun U ]


 /nɔːˈmæl.ə.ti/ US 


(US also normalcy)


the state of being normal:
Now that the civil war is over, relative normality has returned to the south of the country.

— —

So they reckon that Normality can be defined as “The state of being normal”

Well that was incredibly insightful, thankyou very much to the PhD’s at Cambridge who came up with that definition, although to be fair, they are correct, their definition successfully respects the subjective nature of “normality” and they were correct whilst using a minimal amount of words, something that I have failed to do in this massive sentence.
What is interesting about these dictionary entries, is how they both give an example sentence of “normality” being a pre-war state, temporarily disrupted by the fighting of a war, hopefully to be graciously returned at the completion of the war.

Does that sound familiar?

In the so-called war on COVID, deep down in our hearts, the year 2019 is still the benchmark for Normality, the absolute gold-standard. 
So how do we get there from here? Is it time to give up all hope of our lives ever returning to normal? Is it time for us to accept that COVID will permanently strip us of our 2019 normality? 
Is it time for us to come up with a new definition of normal that involves permanent changes to our culture and our way of life?
On this blog, I will argue, and then successfully convince you, the answer to the above question is 
Welcome to the Normality Martian’s blog.


Read this BEFORE you purchase the NS day ticket in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is graced with sights and sounds to satisfy travellers from all walks of life. Many enjoy exploring the country through its efficient train system, but efficient as it may be, the intricacies of catching a train in the Netherlands are lost on many nomads. So here are a few key points you should know before buying your day ticket with the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen).

1. Types of trains

The NS operates two train types – the Sprinter and Intercity (above) service. The former functions for short journeys only and will typically stop at all stops during transit. The latter operating for longer journeys, only stopping at major stations. In addition to being much larger in size than the Sprinter trains, the Intercity trains look a lot more aerodynamic, giving off a ‘bullet-train’ feel.

2. Features

Both transport facilities are packed with handy features for travellers:
Amazingly, WiFi is available in almost all Intercity trains. It’s easy to connect and the internet speeds are adequate for social media, streaming and general browsing. The Sprinters do not have WiFi.

The Intercity trains are equipped with toilet facilities. The several toilets on the train are cleaned regularly, so fear not of a messy experience.

Bicycles are permitted on trains in Holland. However, it is important to note the associated rules and costs. Aside from public holidays, weekends and during the months of July and August, bicycles are strictly prohibited on trains during peak hour times i.e. between 06:30 – 09:00 and 16:00 – 18:30 daily. Outside of these times, you may take one bicycle on the train at a cost of €6.90. You must also be carrying a Fietskaart Dal ticket at all times.

3. Classes

You have the option of purchasing tickets by First or Second class. First class tickets obviously come at a higher cost, but provide more comfortable seating in the most optimal section of the train. From time to time you will also receive complimentary coffee and tea in First Class. Attempting to fool the system will be a futile exercise, as guards regularly patrol trains to check tickets and cards.

4. Cost

The price of travelling on a train through the Netherlands can be a little high. For a 20-25 minute journey to or from Amsterdam, expect to pay anywhere around €7 one-way for your day ticket. For journey’s close to one-hour, expect to pay close to €20 one-way. While these prices may seem excessive in comparison to local prices, it’s important to remember the quality of facilities available to you on a train. Not having a Dutch sim-card made my life difficult from time-to-time, especially when looking to get picked up or using Google Maps. But this problem was easily overcome by having access to the internet on trains, allowing me to communicate effectively with peers, family and hosts. The train is also an excellent way of reaching your destination in the quickest possible time; no traffic or hefty fuel costs.

5. Tap on, Tap off

If your stay in THE Netherlands is considerable and you have ordered an ov-chipkaart, remember to always tap on and off at your entry point and destination. If you do not tap the second time, you will be charged the maximum day ticket fare. Something you really don’t want!

6. Tourists can order an Ov-Chipkaart

Travellers who have allocated a longer stay in the Netherlands i.e. > 4 weeks, you may want to purchase an Ov-Chipkaart. This is a card you can use to tap on and off during your travels. A few things that you should note before ordering your card from the NS website:

* You must supply picture ID

* Wait time is approximately one week before you receive your card

* The card will only be posted to a physical address

The card comes with a selection of fantastic deals, like discounts on fare, free entry in certain tourist locations, discounts for taking your bicycle and much more.

Make sure you refer to the official NS website for complete details on your next train ride in the Netherlands.

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