Alice Springs Truth-Telling

Truth-telling can be unpleasant. If Australia is going to embark upon a journey of truth-telling, as the progressive left is saying we should, then all parties involved need to understand that “truth-telling” doesn’t exclusively refer to “people of colour” lecturing old white men on the sins of white people. “Truth-telling” should simply mean that everyone just tells the truth about human history.

At times this will be awkward, but trust me, stick around to the end of this post, regardless of your views. In the spirit of “truth-telling,” let’s now discuss the relationship between racial inequality, and racism.

Racial inequality, and racism, are two different phenomena, that have a complex relationship. Most people exclusively focus on racism as a cause of racial inequality. In modern western society, this is no longer a helpful approach. There is only so far you can go with dismantling racism in the hope that removing it will suddenly fix racial inequality. We have reached the end of that road, there is only minimal progress to now be made on that front. Most of it revolves around the effect of racism on mental health. 

If we want to end both racism and racial inequality, it’s time for a change in thinking. People need to start thinking about how racial inequality is actually a major cause of racism, and always has been. Hear me out. The reality is, when some people see racial inequality, it inspires them to be racist cunts. Social studies professors living in ivory towers can try and lecture racists on why their racism is unfounded but it doesn’t matter, the social studies professors don’t get a say in this. Racists will set the bar for proving whether or not they should be racist, and the continuing existence of racial inequality is often where that bar is set. Until the racial inequality is fixed, racism will continue, that’s the way it is, it sucks, fucking deal with it.

**Warning: The truth-telling process is about to become very awkward, please save your judgement to the end of this entire post.**

When the First Fleet arrived in Australia, the white settlers saw racial inequality between themselves and indigenous Australians, from day one. “The Gap” was there from day dot. (“The gap” is the term used to describe the racial inequality outcomes between white Australia and Aborigines.)

In regards to “the gap,” Aborigines were behind from the start and this is true of almost every currently used metric of measuring “The Gap.” Life expectancy? Access to healthcare? Literacy rates? Access to sanitary housing?  Violence against women? 
(This one is controversial, as some Aboriginal tribes did have laws regulating the stealing of women from other tribes, so I guess the experience of being kidnapped and raped wasn’t always bad… Also, the drunken white convicts probably weren’t much better with their women.) 
The only metric where Aborigines did better than Europeans on 26th January 1788, was incarceration rates. Aboriginal incarceration was zero percent, first fleet was probably like 95% lol.  Aborigines didn’t need incarceration, because you could spear somebody in the leg instead. Being violently maimed is much less barbaric then being locked up by white supremacist cops today. Back in those days, spearing somebody in the leg wouldn’t be considered police brutality, because thank goodness, there were no white police. Instead, the brutality would be carried out by the strongest men in the tribe, who I’m sure were happy to do whatever the frail elderly people ordered them to do. Over the course of 60,000 years, none of those strong young hormone-fuelled men ever rose up and overpowered the tribal elders. Yep, didn’t happen once in 60,000 years. Yep, let’s all just make that assumption. Lawlessness in Aboriginal societies is purely a modern phenomenon caused by white people. Not the fault of indigenous people, don’t expect them to solve it for themselves. Wait for whitey to stop saying mean racist things, then everything will be fixed. Ok yep. Sounds good.

So anyways, owing to the fact that the first fleet had only just arrived in Australia, the white settlers knew that they weren’t to blame for the racial inequality that they saw. It was clearly already there. So as a white settler, if it’s not your fault, who do you then blame for the racial inequality? This understanding led to racist attitudes towards indigenous Australians, and has been passed down for generations since, because until recently,  most white people understood that white presence in Australia is obviously not the original cause of “the gap.” 

So if “the gap” was already there from day dot, why would anyone claim colonialism is the original cause of “the gap?” Why would somebody claim that the cause of the problem arrived after the problem already existed?

You could say that colonialism failed to solve “the gap,” that’s fair. But to suggest that colonialism caused the gap, is fucken bulllllllllshit. Sorry.

You might say “it’s meaningless to apply the concept of “the gap” to pre-colonial aborigines.” Quite the contraire. If we want to solve any problem, step one is to figure out the original cause of said problem. Acknowledging that colonialism is not the original cause of “the gap” is the most meaningful thing any of us could do, towards solving “the gap.”

So what is the root cause of the problem? Racists would say genetic differences are to blame, and progressives are so utterly terrified of this possibility that if they even managed to read this far, they are probably feeling extremely triggered right now. Lol calm down, hear me out.

As far as we know, white people in Europe lived a similar technologically primitive existence in Europe for tens of thousands of years. This is in spite of the fact they were genetically “white” that whole time. If genetics causes the “social advancement,” why did the supposedly superior white genetics only begin to “kick-in” in the Mediterranean, 3000 years ago? And why were Nordic/Germanic whites only having their superior genes “kick-in” 400 years ago? Throughout the middle ages they were whipped at various times by non-white people (Huns, Moors, Mongols, Turks etc etc) before that, they were being whipped by Greeks and Romans. Germanic white world dominance is an entirely modern phenomenon, they haven’t been winning the game for very long, even though their genetics were the same for the past 20,000+ years. To me, this suggests that the primary cause of winning the game of empire, is not genetics. The same can be said of losing the game of empire. Why did the aborigines lose for the past 200 years if it’s not because of genetics? Why was there such “a gap” between these primitive hunter gatherers and their European conquerors?

Rather than blaming genetics, rational people would say that it was the geographical isolation of indigenous Australians from the rest of humanity that caused “the gap.” In other words the geography gap caused “the gap.” Unlike Eurasia and  Mesoamerica, who throughout antiquity and the Middle Ages had collective talent pools of hundreds of millions of people in civilizational exchanges, Aborigines only ever had a max talent pool of maybe a million people. Furthermore, these people were dispersed far and wide. Two heads are better than one. A hundred million heads are better than one million. Geographical isolation meant aborigines simply didn’t have access to the same technological and cultural changes that would fix “the gap.” That’s why they were “behind” as some would say. Meanwhile Europeans had access to technology from the combined civilisations of East Asia, The Sub-Continent, the Near East, North Africa and of course Europe.

There is also another reason why Aborigines never progressed technologically. This next part is going to sound weird, but hear me out.
Another reason why Aborigines were still technologically primitive, is because they also practiced a spirituality that put them in tune with “Earth Radio,” and when you spend most of your time listening to Earth Radio, there’s not much point in doing anything else. You just chillout and enjoy the ride. Earth radio vibes keep you staying technologically primitive because it’s the easiest way to stay in balance with the earth, which the Earth rewards you for doing by giving you altered states of consciousness. 

So WTF is Earth Radio? Well, it’s when you believe that the Earth is apparently conscious, or at least feels that way, and you think you can feel it, because you belong to it, because you’re actually a part of it, so technically, YOU ARE THE EARTH, just as you are the Universe. That simple understanding opens up some frequencies. Feels good man. Blackfellas who know, would call it crazy good, but most whitefellas would just call it crazy.

Unlike most cultures, aborigines didn’t have drugs, they got high through rituals, as in, actually got into a trance and altered their consciousness. It was all designed to get them more in tune with Earth Radio, which then gets you in tune with the universe. If you have one foot in the dreamtime (5D) and one foot on Earth (3D) then you’re probably not going to be as fussed about how shit life is on 3D earth, coz 5D Dreamtime Universe is fucken awesome lol. When someone dies, they might already be back in 5D dreamtime, which is probs way cooler than being in 3D Earth, so don’t summon them back here by talking about them. Let them enjoy the next phase undisturbed. That’s why we don’t say their name. Or at least, for those of us who remember these things. Anyways, that all probably sounded weird.

The problem when whitefellas arrived was that they dragged most blackfellas both legs all the way down into 3D, and that was like being woken up from a beautiful dream. Sure, the 3D half of Aboriginal existence was rough as guts. Have you ever camped out in the aussie bush? It’s beautiful but it’s fucking brutal. Life was harsh. But when you have your other foot in the 5D space, which they called the dreamtime, you’re experiencing vibrations within your being that are literally from out of this world, and it feels good man. 

That’s why so many ultra spiritual cunts from various cultures throughout history just choose to be poor and sit around all day, especially in nature. You listen to Earth Radio which is in turn getting it’s frequency from beyond elsewhere. It gets you high. It vibrates through you, because IT IS YOU. Real jedi don’t just feel the force, they are the force. Spiritual yogis listen to Earth Radio all the time, that’s why some of the happiest people on Earth are povo spiritual cunts sitting in the dirt in India. I’m not saying they’re all happy, but some truly are. Believe me, they are on to something, and are literally on something that can’t be bought from your local dealer. Meanwhile Wolf of Wall St bankers are paying thousands for drugs. 

Anyways, when whitefellas arrived, aborigines were fully awoken from the dreamtime, the connection almost completely severed. That feeling of spiritual confusion plagues many blackfellas today, especially the proper black blackfellas who are being expected to live as pseudo-white people, which segues to the current discussion about youth crime in Alice Springs.

These indigenous youth are the result of multiple generations of confused cunts trying to figure out their place in the universe, coz their ancestral connection with 5D Universe dreamtime was suddenly severed by a bunch of white cunts looking for more land, which is actually fair enough when you consider “looking for more land” is why people originally came here 60,000 years ago, but anyway. 

There is no fast and easy solution in Alice Springs.
If you are white in Alice Springs, and you want the police to crack down on the crime, in 2023 you will be told that is asking for white supremacy. When police arrest the youths, the youths will resist arrest, altercations will occur, and the youths will get hurt, which is apparently super racist and white supremacist. Many progressives don’t understand that when you arrest someone, it often turns into a fight and that’s unavoidable. The definition of winning a fight is the other person gets hurt more than you. Literally. Society needs to think long and hard about why it’s important for cops to win fights. But anyway, that’s another blog post.
So if you’re a cracker in Alice Springs what are your options?
There are 3:
Option 1) Stay in Alice Springs and don’t be a white supremacist.  Apparently, your role as white people is to never say or do anything critical of aborigines ever again, and to cancel any white supremacists who break the rules. If you do this, all the problems will magically be solved, so STFU white boy, do your part. Be an ALLY, don’t be a nazi. If all the above fails, then just put up with the crime. Hope that Indigenous communities solve it, coz you’re not allowed to.
Option 2) Stay in Alice Springs and be a white supremacist. Support the police in enforcing white supremacist law. Protect your own property if needed, like any white supremacist would. If Anti-Racists want to categorise your right to a safe community as white supremacism, then the Anti-racists just made White Supremacism your basic human right. Way to go there, Anti-racists.
Option 3) Leave Alice Springs, pretending it’s not because you’re a white supremacist. Tell everyone you really left because of the weather. Watch as Alice Springs devolves further into mayhem as white flight takes place, and generation after generation of blackfellas continue to stumble around in this 3D existence, confused as fuck, coz they’ve all forgotten they are actually higher 5D beings from beyond, and have a whole host of dumb cunt anti-racist white voices telling them that all their problems are the fault of white people, meaning blackfellas supposedly cant solve their own problems.
If you’re an indigenous person, and you feel dazed and confused, or perpetually saddened, like something is missing, you need to get one foot in 3D earth and one foot in 5D Universe Dreamtime. Get a job and pay your taxes in the white mans world, while you get out bush and learn about the spirituality of your 5D world. It extends far beyond this Earth. Be a master of multiple worlds. Learning about “Mysticism” in other religions will also help you get there, and it will help you connect with other mobs from around the world. You want spiritual people who will be your real allies, not the atheist anti-racists who think that spirituality is bullshit. Those people are low-vibe and will drag you down. 
Thanks for reading
Normality Martian, out.


An Aussie Cosmopolitanists Dream

Fox: Are you excited for Rabbitland Day?


Possum: Why would I be? I’m not a rabbit. I’m a possum, and this land was previously possum land.

Rabbit: But now it’s Rabbitland. And Rabbitland is here for all animals to enjoy, regardless of species. You should have fun on Rabbitland day.

Possum: But why call it Rabbitland?

Fox: Lets call it “Animal Land” instead.

Rabbit: Nah I’m good. “Rabbitland” works.

Possum: Meh, even if we did call it “Animal Land,” what’s the point? There’s still a rabbit on the national flag. We still have rabbit-speak as the official language. We still use the rabbit legal system. Even if we change the name, and let other animals live here, the place is still a Rabbitland anyway. It’s not a possum land anymore, and I feel sad forever and ever. Hmmm.

Rabbit: Well fucken oath it’s a Rabbitland. I’m a rabbit, and the rabbits won the Rabbit-Possum wars. Suck eggs cunt.

Possum: Sorry what? 

Fox: Come on Mr Rabbit, don’t be a douche.

Rabbit: Am I supposed to feel bad that rabbits won the Rabbit-Possum wars? Am I supposed to feel bad that the possums didn’t manage to deport us rabbits en masse? Did you like what the blue cunts in the Avatar movie did to the humans? Yous all fapped over that didn’t you?

Fox: Ummm….

Rabbit: And that would’ve been best case losing scenario. Worst case losing scenario is the Possums killed our rabbit men and took our rabbit women, like how they did to each other in their possum tribal wars. 

Possum: I have no idea what you mean by “tribal wars.” The wars only began when rabbits arrived.

Rabbit: Bullshit cunt. Time for some “truth-telling.” Why was it tradition for every male possum to get initiated as a warrior and trained how to murder? Did yous actually have a 100% conscription rate? Lol yous did ay. Holy shit! Who were yous fighting against for the past 60,000 years? 

Possum: Ummm…

Rabbit: What happened when a possum mob population grew too large and exceeded it’s area food capacity? Would you just let your mob starve? Or did you try and steal food resources from a neighbouring possum mob? Rhetorical question cunt. Or maybe yous practiced birth control to prevent massive population growth, and that’s why your population was only one million when the rabbits rocked up here?

Possum: Maybe we did practice birth control?

Rabbit: Get fucked. There was no birth control, only death control, and you inflicted it on eachother non-stop for 60,000 years, just like everyone else on Earth. This is history 101, this is truth-telling 101. Subjective opinion is that your land was stolen. Objective reality is that the rabbit mob came and beat you at the same Darwinian game of survival your possum mobs had been playing for the past 60,000 years. Morally, I am no better or worse than you. There was never a moral discrepancy between us, only a power discrepancy. 

Fox: Well, that was quite a rant. Are you going to at least compensate possums for their losses? With power comes responsibility.

Rabbit: Ummm, are YOU going to compensate the Possums Mr Fox? Are you going to give them back the land that Rabbits took on your behalf? You’re doing just as well out of Rabbitland as I am cunt, why do I have to do all the compensating?

Possum: Because it was the rabbits who fought the war, and you’re a rabbit.

Rabbit: Since when do the winners of a war compensate the losers? Lol. Imagine the axis powers in 1946 telling the allies to pay up. Lol you’re taking the piss mate, it’s supposed to be the other way around. But that’s fine, no need to compensate me. Like I said, you’re welcome to live in Rabbitland, Rabbitland is here for all the animals to enjoy.

Possum: That’s not good enough.

Fox: Mr Rabbit, there is much more to Rabbitland than just rabbits. Why not expand our horizons? “Animal Land” could bring out the best in all animals, including rabbits.

Rabbit: Fuck “Animal Land.” Rabbitland already brings out the best in animals, when they stop their whingeing and focus on being good rabbits.

Possum: I’m not a rabbit bro.

Fox: But we’re not rabbits, and we’re not going to stop whingeing. 

Rabbit: Ok I’ll make yous a deal. We can rename this place “Animal Land” and change some rules, but only if the original rabbit lands where rabbits sailed from, are to be allocated as “Indigenous Rabbitland.” Other animals can live back there, but they must play by Rabbit rules. In return, the rabbits who live everywhere else will play by “Animal Land” rules, whatever the fuck that means. If it turns to shit, I can just move back to “Indigenous Rabbitland.” We rabbits will respect indigenous Possum rights, if indigenous rabbit rights are respected back in our European indigenous rabbit lands. Deal?

Fox: You mean Rabbits are going to claim indigenous rights in their European ancestral rabbit homelands? Where they lived for tens of thousands of years? That’s racist. That’s “blood and soil.” You can’t do that. You’re a Nazi.

Rabbit: “Blood and Soil” is literally what indigenous rights are, dickhead. It’s also what modern Japan is. It’s what modern Korea is. I don’t see you whiningly about Japan and Korea cunt. If they’re allowed to do it, rabbits will be allowed to do it back in the rabbit homelands. It doesn’t mean you guys can’t live there, it just means that when you’re there, you follow our rules, and you don’t whinge about there being too many rabbits. You don’t seek to replace rabbits with your weirdo diversity ratios. You don’t whinge when indigenous rabbits make indigenous rabbit films about indigenous rabbit stories, and funnily enough, only cast indigenous rabbits. You don’t come up with annoying rules about what type of haircuts rabbits are allowed to have, what kind of clothes rabbits are allowed to wear, what kind of music and art rabbits are allowed to make, what kind of indigenous rabbit statues we want to erect in our rabbit town squares. You even let us impersonate the voices of other animals, as we see fit. If our rabbit culture involves giving informal nicknames to other animals, so be it. If you choose to live in indigenous Rabbitland you will accept our rabbit culture, or fuck off elsewhere.

Possum: Wow, you sound quite triggered there, Mr Rabbit. Doesn’t feel nice being replaced in your indigenous homeland, does it now?

Rabbit: No it doesn’t. I can see why you suffer from mental anguish, Mr Possum.

Fox: Mr Rabbit, I’m not sure if you Rabbits can be trusted with indigenous control of your own homelands. You might wake up one morning as Nazis, and decide to try and conquer the whole world.

Rabbit: Mr Fox, you’re attributing the most extreme characteristics of bad rabbits to all rabbits there, which is grossly unfair. It’s actually rabbit-phobic. With all due respect, fuck off. If you’re going to respect indigenous possum rights, you need to respect indigenous rabbit rights as well. This is not an unreasonable request. I am not an extremist.

Fox: How can I be sure you’re not an extremist? 

Rabbit: How can I be sure that every fox cunt isn’t planning to suicide bomb the rabbit town square? I can’t be sure, but i can say it’s statistically unlikely. Plus, I’m actually not a fox-phobic dumb cunt, so I give foxes the benefit of the doubt. It’s the right thing to do, please extend me that same courtesy. I like foxes. Don’t be a rabbit-phobic dumb cunt. Be consistent in your worldview. Let rabbits have an indigenous homeland. I’m up for the cosmopolitan lifestyle, but some other rabbits don’t want to live in a generic “Animal Land” and that should be respected. Those rabbits need an alternative.

Possum: You were an extremist at the start of this conversation! You probably still are…

Rabbit: I have evolved into a more balanced position, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to take any bullshit from you cunts. 50/50 split. 

Possum: In that case, not all traditional Possum lands will be generic “Animal Land” either. Some of our indigenous possum land will be allocated as “Possums only.” 

Fox: Um, Mr Possum, that actually comes across as a little bit racist…

Rabbit: Fucken oath it’s racist lol. It’s called “Native Title.” But that’s fair enough Mr Possum. Protect your ancient culture. Protect your ancient languages. Even protect your genetic distinctiveness, if you so wish. The Rabbit-Possum wars are over, and yous made it through. You brought your spears to a gun fight, and you actually fucking survived, that’s a good effort. This continent is big enough to share. This planet is big enough to share.

Possum: I’ll have all of the above in a treaty then thanks.

Rabbit: Righto let’s write it up.

Fox: A global balance of segregation and integration? Ethnocentric tribal zones balanced with cosmopolitan all-animal inclusion zones? Enshrined in a complex web of international/domestic law? Is that even possible? Sounds racist. You guys are racist. This is pure hatred. Hateful animals!

Rabbit: How else do you expect to preserve diversity, whilst simultaneously having a world that’s peaceful enough to travel around and enjoy that diversity? Our treaty proposition is a cosmopolitanisms dream.

Fox: It will all come undone! The rabbits will kill us all! They cannot be trusted with this arrangement! They are just inherently different creatures to all the other animals! There is something sinister in their genetic makeup! We need to dismantle their power wherever they are! They cannot be allowed to remain a majority in any jurisdiction! To fight the rabbits is to fight racism itself! Yes that’s right, we must target a specific race in order to be anti-racist! No irony there whatsoever!!!!!

Possum: Chill out, fox. Me and Mr Rabbit are onto something here. It’s my land yeah yeah 



Odisha cabinet approves inclusion of 22 castes in State’s list of SEBC

The Cabinet has been pleased to approve the proposed Amendment of the Odisha State Commission for Backward Classes (OSCBC) Act, 1993 by inserting subsection 3 under Section – 9, enabling the State Government to include such Backward Classes in the State list of SEBCs, if the said Backward Classes have been specified in the central list of OBCs for the State of Odisha,” an official statement from the Odisha government said.

It further said that Article 15(4) of the Constitution of India en ..