On most occasions your work will receive and appear in Insights immediately after publishing. However, you may face an instance where you’re not able to see your article in Leakd Insights.


Here are some handy troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve, ordered by trial:


1. Reload the page


2. Hard refresh your page

PC: Ctrl + Shift + R

Mac: Command + Shift + R


3. Check that you have Published the Article

You can find your Published articles in My Stories. 


In the Editor, select Hub from the drop-down menu 


Then select Stories from the new drop-down menu

Here you will find your Published work. If you cannot see your article here, it means you have not published it. If you have saved it as a draft, you can find it in the ‘My Articles’ panel in your Editor. 




4. Are you looking at the right Dashboard in your Insights? 

Your dashboards are quite specific. It may just be the case that your article has had no views or reads (because you’ve just published it) yet. Did you include Keywords? If you did not, it may not show up in the Keywords dashboard. 


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