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Investing in a Website 4 Reasons Why You Can Wait

Now, this is obviously not for everyone. And by me explaining it now, I’m going to go ahead and completely condradict the previous sentence. 
House rules first. This is DOES NOT apply to you if:
A. You’re re-doing your exisiting website, or 
B. You’re well into your business operations, or 
C. You’re actually selling goods through your websites 
If ANY of the above apply to you, you DO NEED a website! 
For everyone else, ask yourself, “do I really require a website right now, to start attracting an audience?
What’s essential for you in the early stages of your entrepreneurship is spreading your message, as fast and broad-reaching as possible. To do this, all you require is a platform to transfer idea-to-content. The platform should enable you to:
  1. Discover 
  2. Create
  3. Share
  4. Connect 
Before I explain each of the above-mentioned checkpoints, it’s crucial you know the basic steps in creating a website- here’s a quick summary. 
  • search, decide and purchase a domain 
  • organise and purchase a hosting plan
  • purchase a page builder, unless you know how to code 
  • create and execute your brand, design and message 
  • organise website maintenance 
This list is the bare minimum. Not only does it require a signifcant investment of time, but you’ll need to have a thick wallet or purse. 
Get to your audience faster and directly with publishing platforms like Medium or Leakd (for an individual touch). Let’s take a closer look at how these platforms service the entrpreneur, digital nomad, intrapreneur and freelancer community. 


The platform at all times must nurture the Creator-Reader relationship. Readers need to be able to discover content that relates to their interests and passions. Creators need to know what their Readers are reading, how often they’re reading and where in the world they’re reading it from!


You must have access to essential publishing tools to create quality, meaninful, content. These essential tools include a versatile text editor, content embedding options, access to reference sites, SEO imputation and punctuation check. 


Not only should you able to share your work within the platforms public-facing content delivery page, but also across all your individual social media platforms. 


The first part of connecting is receiving easy-to-use insights about your work, so you can make decisions about what content you publish, the audience reading your content, and how they’re finding you. 
Whether you’ve decided to go out on your own, or you’re just testing the waters, test it right! Ensure you validate your skill set, experience or expertise before you take the plunge. 
Good luck team. 

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