4 Ways We Can Inspire People to Travel Again in 2022

And by ‘we’ I mean the travel industry. This includes, and is not limited to;

  • Travel agencies 
  • Travel magazines 
  • Travel columnists 
  • Influencers, and 
  • Digital Nomads 
2019 may as well be another era. An unattainable past. A forgotten life, leaving behind only ruins of what once was a free world. 
And while many will be eager to get back into the exit row, others will be more cautious about the big metal bird. This could be for several reasons, including being unvaccinated themselves, consequences of media fear-mongering or the residual existence of Covid in other countries. 
HOW do we motivate and inspire these folks to return to their pre-pandemic jet setting ways? 
1. Talk about your travels 
It’s easy that. 
By simply speaking with our friends, family and professional colleagues about our journey and experiences, we are creating positive affirmations about the industry. 
Important to note here, ‘speaking’ does not mean presenting thousands of aimless holiday photos through the projector. Share information about the practices and processes the airline and you took to ensure safe arrival, stay and departure. 
2. Document your travel 
If you’re not good at remembering moments or conversations, write them down or take plenty of photos! Ask yourself:
What were the covid protocols at the airport (arrival and departure)? Were you satisfied with them?
What were the airline’s sanitation standards during flight? 
Were most people vaccinated in the country you first visited? 
Did you cross any borders? (especially relevant if moving through Europe)
How stringent were the border checks? 
3. Share your research 
Many of us in the industry spend countless hours working out where to go, what dates to travel, whether there are visa restrictions and now we’re checking Covid restrictions! 
What’s your individual process like if and when you decide to move countries? 
You’ll find that many non-travellers aren’t familiar with resources and outlets that we spend most of our time referring to before planning our travels. 
It could be:
  • A trustworthy blog page 
  • A website 
  • Embassy updates 
  • Flight search engine updates 
  • Family or friends in the destination country 
It’s crucial that we share this knowledge. Ultimately, it will only help our
own livelihoods. 
4. Start Blogging about it! 
If you’re a guest author, a digital nomad, an expat or perhaps just a savvy traveller, now is the time to share your expertise and experience with the world (and get paid for it!). 
Multi-purpose platforms like Leakd make it so simple for intelligent and determined members of the community to give back. To that end, build a trustworthy brand for individuals and businesses to refer to in times of need. 
And crikey do we need that now!

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